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Jul 31, 2020

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Harmony Mobile Wallet — a deFi opportunity and Financial Inclusion vision

iBriz with the support of Harmony grant is excited to announce the development of the first “mobile wallet” for the Harmony ONE token. Fitted with biometric authentication, the basic wallet features will be enhanced by including staking, delegating and rewards claim functionality.

Our primary focus is to provide users and developers of the Harmony platform with an intuitive and low-friction means to manage their ONE tokens on a day to day basis, and accelerate development of more ONE-based dApps. A wallet is one of the building blocks of any deFi initiative in Blockchain. We look forward to creating a wallet that can adapt and grow with time. With approximately 50% of the global internet traffic coming through mobile, the impact of a Harmony mobile wallet will be huge and the opportunities tremendous.

The United Nations estimates that 31 percent of the world’s adults are financially excluded”. This is 2.1 billion people who have no ability to benefit from the current financial economy. With the lower costs of acquiring mobile devices than desktops, a mobile wallet on Harmony would play an important role in creating dApps that would help the world’s financially marginalized. Financial inclusion is a major part of the World Bank initiative to alleviate poverty. We are not just building a simple mobile blockchain wallet. We are part of a global effort to alleviate poverty through financial inclusion and opportunity. It is these kinds of vision that iBriz shares with Harmony that makes this project a “passion project” for us.

The app will be featured in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. The Harmony grant is part of the “Harmony $7M Grant”. iBriz team would like to thank the Harmony team, the community, advisors, validators, Harmonauts, governors and everyone involved for the generosity and trust they have shown.

Harmony has been providing grants to deserving projects to drive its mainnet utility. The grants have been aligned with their 2020 roadmap. It has been a great experience working with Harmony technology and community and we are excited to continue collaboration in the future.

The mobile wallet by iBriz will come with biometric authentication and will support wallet creation, token support, staking, and transfers between shards. In addition to these features, iBriz envisions other opportunities with this wallet application. As technology evolves and new requirements are needed in blockchain wallets, we see this project as an on-going endeavour.

The iBriz team, located both in the Silicon Valley and Kathmandu (Nepal), is really excited to work on this project. We plan to continue to engage with other innovative high value projects using Harmony technology. We appreciate that the program has assigned “Governors” to advise during this development and adoption process. Nick White (Harmony co-founder), Yuriy (technology), Bohdan (Everstake, validator). JB (POPS/technology), Anttu (community member extraordinair), Zunaidi (an angel) and Nick V (Harmony biz team) are all part of our Governor team. We would like to maximize this relationship to learn from their vast and varied experience to build the ultimate wallet for the Harmony community. We must also mention Li, Alex and Gizem from Harmony for their tremendous support in helping us throughout the process and answering our numerous questions, Leo (Harmony technology), for helping us with the initial ideation of a mobile wallet, and the ever present guidance of Stephen, Harmony CEO.

The wallet is planned to support the larger community in their deFi initiatives. As a part of the community participation, iBriz would be happy to receive feature suggestions from the community. While we can not promise to accommodate all recommended features in this phase, we will keep them all in the queue for consideration in future releases.

Here is a sneak peek of the progress so far — Harmony Mobile Wallet (under development) — a user journey flow

Stay tuned — be the first to download and earn Harmony One Tokens

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