Author: Jiren Yeo (Director of Marketing, Institute of Blockchain® Ltd)

One amazing characteristic that blockchain envision is to have an inter-operable network where any individuals or businesses, could truly progress the industry based on context and free from any limitations and biases.

While technology strives to catch up, we as the human counterparts have started embracing inclusiveness. Mr. Jiren Yeo, who leads the marketing initiatives at Institute of Blockchain® (IBS) said;

“Today marks a next milestone for the school as an elected node partner. Accelerating efforts to further education and community outreach with IOST and its other node partners beyond the region. The goal is to simplify blockchain learning, adoption for masses and foster purposeful relations in the industry.”

IBS elected node partnership status

IOST has been an active catalyst in the local scene, and recently signed a strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore to promote blockchain. Mr. Lawrence Lim, who heads business development at IOST, said;

“IOST is excited to work with IBS, the first blockchain education institute accredited by various government organizations including SkillsFuture, NTUC and People’s Association, to promote the development of blockchain technology in Singapore. We are excited that IOST will now be part of the course curriculum by IBS alongside Ethereum and Hyperledger. Together with Hashed.Labs, we are deeply committed to the growth of Singapore as an international blockchain hub and will be supporting blockchain founders with entrepreneur grants and numerous other business incentives.”

Existing node partner, BlockDevs Asia, a manila-based volunteer group is committed to help grow the blockchain development community scene. Representatives of BlockDevs Asia, Mr. Casper Oostendorp, Co-Founder of Oost & Voort and Mr. Amadeo Brands, CTO at EOI Digital in a joint statement;

“South-East Asia is where we see the strongest growth in blockchain developers and practical applications. We aim to support blockchain/distributed ledger technologies professionals in the region with networking, education and advocacy. And as an IOST servi node we are committed to develop the IOST ecosystem by sharing our knowledge, educating, on boarding developers and developing tooling and DApps for IOST.”

On 8th June, parties mentioned will be in Singapore hosting the event “Presents_ IOST”.

Sign up and join us,

An 8th June event presented by IOST and Node Partners.

The Institute of Blockchain® Ltd is a non-profit school, a SkillsFuture Singapore’s, NTUC e2i’s and People’s Association approved training organization.

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IBS’s Announcements & News 区块链学院’s 公告与信息

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