Singapore Fintech Champions 2018

Our President Mr Alvin Chua is part of the Singapore Fintech Champions 2018. In his words, he said:

“Today is Day 1 of Singapore’s Fintech Festival (#SFF) as well as #Fintech week. I am honoured to be part of the Singapore’s Fintech Champions 2018 alongside with other veterans, gurus and fellow entrepreneurs in the industry. Would like to thank #Lightbulb Capital for the efforts for compiling this list. It is really a motivation and morale booster to keep things going.

When I first started Institute of Blockchain™ #区块链学院, it was meant to educate on the technicalities of the blockchain and risks management of #cryptocurrency so the chances of scams are reduced. Wasn’t expecting that this little initiative adds value to the industry. In our curriculum, when we teach blockchain, we also share about Fintech and financial applications.

We will continue to promote Fintech and Blockchain in Singapore and the region. Not forgetting #SUSS especially Ellen Goel and Ena Lim for grooming and providing support to us! Thank you!”

To see the full list (my write-up at pg 59):

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