Hi! Welcome to my Indie Game Diary!

I’m Icaro Ferracini and this is my Indie Game Diary, my journal where I will share my studies about video games and my personal projects.

I did this in college over ten years ago, using Macromedia Freehand (yep, told ya it’s old), but this lesson and feelings are still here with me. It’s a kind of “let’s figure it out” calling. Let’s see if I can work it out here.

About me

I work as UX Designer in São Paulo, Brazil, and I like to design products and services to people as well to solve problems.

Video games are a passion since I was a kid. I always liked it but never really attempted to do it for real until my very first game jam in 2017, when I did a pretty simple platform game called The Death’s Freelance Job.

Screenshot of my first game for a game jam in 2017 — The Death’s Freelance Job

I also always like to read, see and heard good stories. I don’t know who has this quote but since I heard it stick in my mind and heart:

“Books let us imagine great things, movies let us see great things, but video games let us DO great things.”

About Indie Game Diary

After all, I decide it’s time to pursue this passion in my life and for that, I decided to create this journal, the Indie Game Diary, where I can share my ideas and feelings while I am learning and studying more about this media and art form.

The diary will also help me to keep track and document my journey through the world of game development since I am starting from the ground.

I hope this experiment could be useful for you in some way and if you want to talk to me you can always do by commenting the posts, finding me on Twitter or writing to icaro@ferracini.me.

Thank you for joining me here on this about page and learning more about the project!