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ICA Announcement

We are happy on behalf of all those participated in our Reward program of Icarus Network Project and we here to announce to you that AIRDROP has officially ended.

10,570 people participated in the airdrop.
After checking our airdrop form, we will distribute airdrop to 300 participants as scheduled.

A total of 150,000 ICA tokens will be distributed by July 22nd.

Icarus Network would like to thank all of our Airdrop campaign participants. We appreciate your support of our project in our Discord channel throughout the duration of the campaign. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Icarus Network in the near future, including development related news, exchange listings, the Forum release, and more.

The exchange is currently available on BITREX.

❗️Note❗️: Remember no money (cash) will be asked from you to get you tokens and no one from our Team will ever contact you asking for money from you in anyway. Always Be aware of scam.❗️



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