Innocence in Jeans and Leather


Ema Dumitru
Iceberg’s Poetry


photo from personal archive

our hands have met in the darkness
come-home-to-me kind of touch
but the sea doesn’t know how

to love without swallowing me
a biography that might as well have been mine

as long as the sea was in my rearview
i could still find it
but i insisted on driving

on roads obscured
by long lost summers
picking midnight thoughts for him

neck curves
and the hero
strapping hope on his back

slow dancing
crying while swaying
all the gold
that lies can buy

innocence in jeans and leather
july in fear
of a potential forever

foreign sun
and mood disorders
for the hottest kiss

i still want to break
through his world

if i interpret this loosely
there’s a place too
for the stained.