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How to reduce the impact of employee turnover?

In recent years, fluctuation rates have risen steadily due to falling unemployment, skills shortages in the labor market, and the increasing number of baby boomers of retirement age. While a certain fluctuation rate can be healthy, the costs associated with a high fluctuation rate can quickly add up. Widespread factors such as a retiree population may be beyond your control, but there are steps you as an HR professional can take to prevent your company’s fluctuation wave from collapsing.

Good sales management begins with a thorough assessment of your situation. What is your company’s turnover compared to other companies in your sector? What about your geographical area?

According to Compdata consulting practice’s 2018 sales report on, total sales in 2018 reached 19.3% nationally in all industries, compared to 15.7% in 2014, while voluntary turnover was 14.2% in 2018, although this figure varies widely across industries and regions. If you understand the total and voluntary turnover rate of your colleagues and compare it to your internal turnover, you will have a better understanding of what is normal for today’s market than what corresponds to a larger, company-specific problem.

At the beginning of your analysis, you need to take many different factors into account when calculating fluctuation rates and costs in your company. First, you need to build a cross-functional team, define the data points to analyze, and work from there.

While macroeconomic sales trends may be evident, you may need to dig a little deeper to find the underlying causes that are specific to your company. It is a good idea to look at your company’s sales figures from different angles.

Some places to go when it comes to staff turnover:

· term

· period

· means

· constituencies

· turns

· manager

Not only can it be useful to track the turnover of certain groups, but it can also be useful to examine the remaining employees. What are the main differences between these two groups?

Become a strategic business partner in Human Resources and Recruitment

Combating fluctuation is essential, not only to strengthen corporate culture but also to reduce costs and stay competitive. And despite economic trends, there are steps you can take to develop strategic solutions for your business.

Once you have identified the specific areas of opportunity for your company, you should focus your customer retention efforts where they will have the greatest impact. Keep department managers informed of potential sales-based on-demand capacity and take proactive measures to retain employees in these areas. Conduct regular market research to ensure that your compensation and incentive programs are competitive and consistent with your compensation philosophy and strategy.



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