IBF launches a new distributed website with IPFS 🎉

The new website at https://ibf.is and /ipns/ibf.is

The Foundation is proud to announce that we have launched our newly crafted website with the help of IPFS! It was a big effort by many great people and we are happy to share the results at https://ibf.is!

What is IPFS?

IPFS is a way of distributing data across the web with the help of the blockchain. CloudFlare recently introduced support for IPFS, that we took advantage of to make our page load faster. You can find our page on the IPFS network with /ipns/ibf.is. We have set up a carbon offsetted IPFS node to pin our website and the plan is to host that mirror indefinitely to support the IPFS network. We believe it is important to support the blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions that exist by dogfooding them ourselves.

An Open Source Website

It was quite obvious from the start that we wanted to have our website open source. Everyone is able to suggest changes as a part of keeping the whole process open to the community. We welcome all pull requests and feedback.

The humans behind the effort

The creation of the IBF brand was a massive effort by multiple professionals. It has been a delight working with them all and they left us flabbergasted with the results!

Brand Design by Jérôme VADON

Jérôme VADON (https://about.me/jeromevadon)

Jérôme VADON is a French senior global designer and futurologist, with innovation, creativity process, HiTech & IT expertise.

The design cycle was far from anything I have experienced before (in a good way!). He asked me to fill out a personality test as well as a visual experiment test. The process was fast and yielded great results. In fact, Jerome came up with four concepts that could all have worked.We tell the story behind the brand in another blog post.

Web Design by Studio Yellow

Hugrún and Birgitta at Studio Yellow (https://www.facebook.com/hello.studioyellow)

Studio Yellow is a newly created design agency in Reykjavík, Iceland. It was founded in May 2017 by two powerful women; Birgitta Rún Sveinbjörnsdóttir and Hugrún Rúnarsdóttir. Their values are fun, fresh, ambitious, personal service and quality.

We were very lucky to have worked with them. We loved their artistic approach and they quickly came up with the concept that we ended up using. They designed a lot of additional pages that we will eventually build into the webpage.

Web Development by Aranja

Team members from Aranja (https://aranja.com)

Aranja is a creative web studio that has worked with some of the world leading brands like Facebook, Google and Github.

The studio delivered results in a record time, just in time for the massive Bitcoin anniversary week. We are looking forward to fleshing out the rest of the website!

We also had an army of people working on the website from the foundation and we want to thank everyone who helped out.