Busting the digital marketing myth.

The skills everyone needs to survive and strive in business.

Do you not even dare to dream of enrolling for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp because in your heart of hearts, you really and truly believe it’s not the study programme for you?

We’ve got the facts and official figures which are going to surprise you and make you change your mind faster than the speed of light.

Let’s get this party started with some official EU figures.

Sounds like a crisis? We think so too.

Clearly, individuals aspiring to start, upgrade or change their career need to have the fundamental digital skills the industry wants.

In the case of integration of digital technologies by businesses, Malta scores 0.37 and ranks 13th among EU countries.

Lower than you expected?

Well, the report clearly recommends that Malta’s businesses need to exploit the possibilities offered by digital ASAP.

Find out if the Diploma in Digital Marketing 5 day bootcamp is for you.

If you consider yourself to be one of the below then phew! You’re just in time to enrol for Malta’s next intensive and fun EQF 5 Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp.

  • A confident marketing professional looking to up skill.
  • An HR manager, senior management or IT manager wanting a piece of the digital action.
  • A gutsy founder or CEO ready to boost your brand.
  • A fearless freelancer seeking to achieve digital greatness.
  • A brave startup craving to build an empire.
  • An aspiring creative dreaming of scoring a career in marketing.
  • Living on planet earth and using digital for work or play.

Ticked one or more of the above?

Congratulations! Now it’s time to secure your spot.

We love making your life easier.

We understand that this might have come unexpected and you weren’t planning on investing in study time right this minute. So we’ll tell you how to schedule monthly interest-free tuition fees and benefit from 70% of your course fees back too.

You’re welcome.

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