Digital will give you wings (too).

Find out which business booster works for you.

Oh good — you’ve decided to read on! Now that you’re here, let’s dive deep into the secret to business success and shine a light on the the difference between the two bootcamps.

1Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling
Starting in June 2017 / 5-day bootcamp

2 Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Starting in July 2017 / 5-day bootcamp

One thing is for sure, both study programmes are taking our tiny islands and the world by storm, and this blog post will help you choose which one suits you best.

Two critical types of skills. One solution.

In today’s world, marketers create brands clients want to be a part of and sales people engage with those same clients and give them the best customer experience they could ever wish for.

Digital & Social Selling

Put simply, digital selling is all about attracting and nurturing prospects to become your loyal customers. It’s about using digital to tap into record breaking profits.

If this is exactly what you dream of doing, then we will see you in June for the Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling bootcamp.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is focused on building your brand and making people want to own your products and/or commit to your services. It’s about using digital to reach the masses.

If this sounds like what you’d like to accomplish the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing bootcamp is for you. We’ll see you in July.

Here we are today & it’s never been this awesome.

Individuals working in either marketing or sales as well as business owners, team leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and just about anyone who lives on planet earth can master digital in one of two five day bootcamps.

Make more money faster, work more effectively and be empowered to create more outstanding business ideas.

Both bootcamps are EQF Level 5 study programmes and in either one, students will enjoy ICE Malta’s world-class study experience which will knock your socks off.

Which bootcamp will give you wings?

Digital transformation is a necessity, not a choice so just one question remains — will you enrol for the Digital Marketing bootcamp or is the Digital & Social Selling bootcamp your cup of tea?

The choice is yours, either one will give you wings and if transforming into an overnight instant digital powerhouse tickles your fancy, these bootcamps have been scheduled in different months because we know that there are high fliers who would be tempted to enrol in both and get all eyes on them.

Want to hear what’s even better?

Students get to benefit from 70% of their course fees back on either one or both bootcamps thanks to the Get Qualified Scheme.

There’s more.

Students can even schedule monthly interest free tuition fees without breaking the bank. We told you. We’ll always have your back.

See you in June, or July - or both. We can’t wait.