Meet Malta’s learning disruptors.

Certified by the biggest brands. Trusted by industry leaders.

ICE Malta Founders — Matthew, Nikolai and James

Let’s hop into our time-machine and travel 5 years back. Not even in our wildest dreams could we ever imagine that in less 60 months we would have brought together a team of the nicest and brightest talent and build what has become one of Europe’s fastest growing ICT Academies.

Fast forward to today and our founders have stolen the spotlight yet again and are on the cover of MONEY magazine….this journey is turning out to be one exhilarating ride.

Exhilarating—sure. Easy — definitely not.

Nothing is easy right? However we’ve proven that we’ve got the stamina, drive and determination to take the ups and downs, twists and turns in our stride because ultimately, we’re ever so focused on our mission.

We’re absolutely addicted to the idea of giving millions of individuals, from all corners of the globe, the chance to embrace fun and rewarding learning and gain the ICT skills which will turn them into powerhouses the industry will fight to have on their team.

You’re thinking ‘these guys from the tiny island of Malta must have a secret weapon’.

You’re so right. They do.

The ICE Malta Study Experience is exponentially more powerful than anything else, it is brilliantly executed time and time again and it’s the reason why we stand out from the crowd. ICE Malta students move on to achieve career accomplishments which make each and every day extremely rewarding.

It’s no surprise that thousands of companies (from start ups to Fortune 500 brands) choose ICE Malta to deliver training for their teams. Our study experience exceeds expectations.

So — back to MONEY

A well deserved round of applause sounds perfect right about now. Our founders have landed on the cover of MONEY magazine and have chosen this publication to share what their plans for the next 5 year chapter are.

One thing is for sure, you ain’t seen nothing yet, it’s time for us to take it up a notch, it’s time for us to raise our game with the hope of inspiring you to raise your game too.

Stick around, enjoy the ride.

Collaboration just makes our entrepreneurship journey so much more fun. Let’s connect and explore ways of how we can work together.

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