Creating a simple Kotlin Multiplatform project based on moko-template

1. Intro


  • Android Studio 3.4.0+ (do not use 3.5.1 version, cause there is a bug is breaking MPP project);
  • Xcode 10.3+;
  • Xcode Command Line Tools (xcode-select --install);
  • CocoaPods (sudo gem install cocoapods);
  • JDK — требуется для запуска gradle из Xcode build phase.

The Result

2. Create the project based on moko-template

Use this template

3. Test build

  • on Android: open root repository directory in Android Studio, wait while Gradle Sync will finish, and run android-app as regular application.
  • on iOS: install project’s CocoaPods (in directory ios-app run a command pod install, and after this open ios-app/ios-app.xcworkspace in Xcode and press Run for running application.

4. Setting up an application identifiers

Change Appliсation Id

android {

defaultConfig {

applicationId = "dev.icerock.codelab.giphy"

Change an application name

<string name="app_name">Giphy App</string>

Change an application icon


Change launch screen

5. Next steps



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