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Crypto vs. Western Civilization
  1. Crypto is primarily good for illegal transactions and for avoiding taxes
  2. The rise of crypto threatens traditional law and institutions
  3. Therefore you should not support/invest in crypto because 1) it is a threat to our civilization if it succeeds and 2) traditional institutions will rise up and crush it so it will probably fail.

Crypto is Primarily Good for Illegal Activity

Crypto Threatens Traditional Institutions

Crypto is Not a Threat to Civilization

  1. Crypto threatens traditional institutions
  2. Traditional institutions play an important role in Western society
  3. Western society (i.e., the US) is important for liberty

Three Analogies

Analogy 1: Public vs Private Education

Analogy 2: Gender Norms and the Traditional Family

Analogy 3: Immigration

Crypto and Freedom

  1. The US government and the traditional financial system are essential to preserving liberty and prosperity throughout the world; and
  2. Government surveillance and control over our lives is greater than ever, and thus it is more important than ever to develop technology institutions that have the potential to challenge government overreach.



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