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How does the Tinder algorithm work?

Tinder is said to have occupied the heart of millions by working uniquely. Unlike other social media and dating applications, it provides the ‘Bio’ option and a section to upload your pictures. What you write on your bio usually helps you a lot to gather the attention of opposite gender Tinder users.

Multiple scoring systems work behind the idea of a Tinder algorithm which came out to be one of the reasons for its big success! Tinder uses various photos of users to showcase the best possible match and gives the authority to the users for swiping right if they liked the profile and left if they disliked.

All the mandatory things that you should know about the Tinder Algorithm have been covered in the section below.

2019 Complex Tinder algorithm

In 2019, Tinder declared to come up with a new algorithm that will work behind its application like the Gale-Shapely algorithm. This particular application is more based on future prediction and its analysis. It didn’t show the one-on-one comparisons based on the good credit score on the Tinder application rather it showed that who likes whom based on which the Tinder algorithm used to predict your future liking from there.

The updations that occurred in 2019 also boosted the profiles as soon as they used to get online. It is because the more profiles spent time online on the Tinder application, the more is the Tinder company going to get benefitted from it. The modern algorithm fetches and stores each of your activities and history for example how many profiles you liked, the time you spent online, whom you liked. Based on this, similar kinds of recommendations will be shown to you in the future.

A score was provided to every Tinder profile based on their overall ratings and these scores are the numeric values. These values were further used to analyze other parts of your profile and preferences using the algorithm.

Pew Research Center Research on Tinder algorithm

A research was conducted by the researchers of Pew Research Center Research regarding the Tinder algorithm. As per the research, the following conclusions came in front -

More than 75% of Americans think that Tinder provides them a good platform for meeting someone new till 2015.

After the survey was conducted again in February 2016, the results came out that only 15% of the grown-ups used the Tinder dating application.

Among millions of Tinder users, only 5% of them could make it to serious commitment leading to marriage.

Less than 10% of people use the tinder app for getting into long-term serious relationship commitments.

ELO Scored in Tinder algorithm

The ELO Scored method is the same method that is being used to test the overall skill and intelligence level of the chess players. Elo scoring is nothing but a user rating system tool. The first thing to note here is that you think that the number of right swipes you got onto your profile means that your profile has been liked by these right swipers. But, the truth is that the Tinder algorithm counts the right swipes based on the swiper’s profile. It means that the more right swipe they would have had on their profiles, the more their right swipe on your profile would be weighed for better scores.

Now, what Tinder does is that — it serves all the people who got identical scores by the other profiles together. The tinder algorithm generates this scoring as the perfect match of ‘Desirability.’ It means the crowd who had similar opinions about your profiles has led to a particular score on your profile and similar scoring decides your fate and match. For example, in chess, the new player holds a score of not more than 800 points, as well as the topmost player’s score, is more than 2500. The concept is somewhat similar in Tinder. News also came where Tinder higher officials refused to discuss this side of the story in front of the general public.

In an Elo scoring, people loved the thought of inculcating a feature where — Tinder users can right swipe saying ‘Yes, I like’ rather than ‘Nah, I’ll pass’ and ignoring. The more right swipes people got, the more they found themselves to be attractive which boosted their overall confidence. Also, if somebody who already holds the high Elo score right-swiped your profile would lead to an increase in your overall score automatically. Whereas, if the same person left swiping your profile would have reduced your overall score.

Past swiping, location, appearance, bio, and your overall history or activity on Tinder plays a major role on Tinder and all such data is being captured by the Tinder algorithms which further process it and gives you the right match.

Three thoughtful facts on Tinder Algorithm working

The first step used by the Tinder algorithm is to do the sorting of people based on your location and overall looks.

The second fact is that having ‘not so good’ looks doesn’t define your overall attractiveness in the eye of somebody. It is because multiple scientific research has been conducted that revealed that your thinking and mentality are more attractive than you could ever think.

The third fact is to follow the path line of the biological anthropologist named Helen Fisher. He said that you should not go ahead with making your profile on more than nine datings in total all at once.

Key takeaways

You should understand that over-swiping isn’t going to be fruitful at all in bringing the right match for you. Prefer swiping only in the case you’re genuinely interested in, somebody. Also, make sure that you aren’t too involved in the fact of getting desirable in the eye of somebody. Rather than feeling insecure about your acceptance, work hard on the things you put in your bio and the kind of pictures you upload on Tinder. Always remember that the first impression is the last — so choose your initial steps wisely!


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