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What are the health checkup required for females?

How do Screening tests and Vaccines work for women?

The human body is a home to many friendly microorganisms like E. coli, Candida, etc. which live mutually in the body. If their amount is changed, it results in infection and disease. The body is vulnerable to getting attacked by bacteria, viruses and fungi in the vicinity too. These communicable diseases can occur at any stage of life and in any human, it can be tackled only when all precautions are taken. Certain non-communicable diseases like depression, cardiac arrest, obesity, breast cancer, PCOS, etc. have seen a surge in population. These diseases can also be tackled if proper care and tests are done from time to time.

A person can carry a certain disease hereditary like diabetes, hemophilia, color blindness, etc. but they might be unaware of it in the initial stage. It is advisable to have a regular check-up even if one seems fit and fine. Screening tests help diagnose a disease even before the symptoms, they do not treat the disease, they just guide the person and expert about what further process needs to be done. The kind of screening test required depends on the patient’ medical history, age and risk factors.

As Shakespeare has rightly quoted, “Better three hours early than a minute late”, these tests are relatable to the quote. The screening test has become a requirement for all age groups due to the changing lifestyle and risks of non-communicable diseases. The test varies with the age group of a person. Women are advised to take regular screening tests as they undergo physical and physiological changes at every stage of life.

Screening test in women begins from the menstrual cycle till her menopause and even after that. Here are few screening tests, she should undergo at a particular age to prevent risk of disease –

· Screening test required for women in the age group of 20–30 –

  1. Pelvic exam — this helps in detecting any kind of sexually transmitted disease in a women and the screening test also helps diagnose if the women has any signs of cervical cancer. The doctors recommend that a woman should have a pelvic screening test once every three years to avoid risk of any malignant disease.

· What are the Screening test required for women in the age group of 40–60?

  1. Breast cancer test — mammography is recommended for women to screen if they have breast cancer or not with growing age. A breast exam includes checking of the breasts visually and manually for any kind of lumps, rashes or fluid by the doctor. This screening test is recommended to be done once every two years.

Vaccines help build immunity. We are constantly in contact with many microorganisms in our day to day life. Some of them are malignant and cause harm to the human body. At different stages of life, different doses of vaccine should be taken. After a proper assessment, women should get their vaccine doses depending on their medical history, allergy, age, occupation, travel history, etc. Here are a few vaccines listed that a woman should take in her lifetime-

  1. Human papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine — the chances of cervical cancer remains in a woman. HPV is the virus behind causing this cancer. It is advisable for a woman to take her dose until the age of 26. Both boys and girls can take the HPV vaccine. It is recommended by the experts that pregnant women and those having illness should not take the dose.

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