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ICHI would be just another boring stablecoin (a coin who value stays at $1) project without Chainlink. Like other stablecoins, it would suffer from one or more major drawbacks:

  • Stable-ish, instead of being minted and redeemed for exactly $1.
  • Maximalistic, instead of driving scarcity of other cryptocurrencies.
  • Complex, instead of simple minting and redeeming processes.
  • Custodial, instead of self-hosted, community governed infrastructure.

ICHI may not have even launched like 70% of 200+ VC funded stablecoin projects. However, in only 3 months, ICHI’s integration with Chainlink has made it possible for four different cryptocurrency communities to create and govern their own…

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ICHI Halving happens in under 24 hours!

This document explains the upcoming ICHI halving. You must claim your ICHI rewards before halving to receive the pre-halving reward rate! The contract always uses the current reward rate since the time of your last claim.

  1. What are ICHI halvings?

An ICHI halving event is when the rewards for farming ICHI are cut in half. ICHI halvings happen when the ICHI community puts forward a proposal to have a halving and passes it.

2. When is the next halving?

Approximately 5–6PM GMT on Monday, February 22nd, 2021.

3. How will the ICHI reward rates change at halving?

Table 1 has the complete schedule of changes.

Earn yield on your LINK starting at Ethereum Block number 11360000 at www.ichi.farm.

By: Masanobu Fukuoka

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oneLINK — the first stablecoin designed for the Chainlink community

oneLink Summary:

  • oneLINK is the third ichi.farm stablecoin — designed to be worth $1 and backed by LINK + oneBTC (Bitcoin’s stablecoin)
  • oneLINK may be minted at a 0% minting fee with oneBTC and LINK
  • The protocol quickly becomes over-collateralized, hoarding LINK
  • The Fair Launch: no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no dev fund
  • Deposit oneLINK-LINK LP tokens to earn ICHI and trading fees

Chainlink enables smart contracts to offload the oracle problem. In a similar way, ichi.farm enables coins like Chainlink to power payments. Ichi.farm…

Get paid to help protect.

We categorize bug reports into Low, Medium, High and Critical security risk vulnerabilities. Rewards are administered according to the following guidelines:

Standard Bounty Table

Critical / 9.0–10.0 / $5,000 — $10,000
High / 7.0–8.9 / $2,500 — $5,000
Medium / 4.0–6.9 / $400 — $700
Low / 0.1–3.9 / $100-$300

Note: If the Report does not include a valid Proof-of-Concept, the qualification of rewards will be decided according to reproducibility and severity of the vulnerability, and the rewards amount may be reduced significantly.

We have not set a maximum reward for the…

Use a stablecoin that accumulates Bitcoin to drive Bitcoin adoption.

By: Masanobu Fukuoka

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The first Bitcoin Stablecoin
  • oneBTC is the second ichi.farm stable coin
  • oneBTC may be minted by oneETH, the first ichi.farm stable coin, or USDC
  • 100% reserves at first
  • ICHI is the protocol governance token with 5M max supply
  • The Fair Launch: no pre-mine, no pre-sale, no dev fund
  • Stake oneBTC-wBTC LP tokens to earn ICHI and trading fees
  • A Bitcoin stimulus fund is governed by oneBTC-BTC LP tokens

oneBTC: The First Bitcoin Stablecoin

Bitcoin is the largest and most important coin — you always regret selling it. …

Hi friends. Some questions have been popping up in Telegram/Discord around how to do this, so here we go.

  1. Visit https://www.ichi.farm/#/swap
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2. Make you are connected to MetaMask (or another wallet)! It won’t work without it.

A recap and next steps for the fastest growing decentralized stablecoin

Next Steps:

1. Open up the ICHI LP Pools: ICH-ETH, ICHI-oneETH, and ICHI-oneBTC

2. Create snapshot LP voting for ICHI LP holders and ICHI stakers

3. Use voting to decide the 5 community choice coins that will get ichi.farm stablecoins


1. 5,002,316 newly minted oneETH in 20 hours. The Ethereum community has minted over 5 million oneETH. This is likely the fastest growing decentralized stablecoin of all time!

Hi. I ran into some issues the first time through, so I am running through again and adding screenshots to help users who want to participate in ichi.farm.

Top up your wallet and get it connected to ichi.farm. For the purposes of this guide, I am using MetaMask wallet.

Always be careful as you progress, and use the Etherscan Gas Tracker (!) to make sure your transactions go through fast. MetaMask prompts are sometimes lacking, and it is easy to forget, so always remember to check or you might find yourself waiting hours or trying to replace slow transactions.

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Farming starts in ~24 Hours

Swap, Pool, and Minter are now available at www.ichi.farm. The Farm tab is visible so that you can become familiar with it but it will not function until after Ethereum Block #11260000. Voting will be added once we have LP tokens that can be used for voting.

You may go ahead and begin minting oneETH and adding liquidity to the oneETH-ETH pool. There is no rush. You have 24 hours before the start of farming.

No ICHI is in circulation until after the start of farming. All 5 million ICHI will be transferred from the…

An explanation of the beliefs that led to bumper crop farming along with a few tips.

Fair Launch: Ethereum Block Number 11260000

By: Masanobu Fukuoka

Bumper Crop Farming Tenets:

  • Liquidity has no loyalty
  • Wide distribution is top priority
  • Farming is hard: crops don’t grow themselves
  • There are no guarantees in farming
  • Avoid one-way doors

Liquidity has no loyalty

Compound started distributing its governance token, COMP, to the protocol’s users this past June. The demand for that token kicked off a craze that has resulted in $11B+ being locked in DeFi as of November 2nd, 2020.

That said, there is a…


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