Jan. 17-Jan.23, 2022

Recent News and Announcements

Highlights: Pool Liquidity and Reward Allocation (Table 1)

  • 40.69% increase in oneUNI-ICHI Angel Vault
  • 94.46% increase in minted oneFOX tokens
  • 54.48% increase in minted…
Rari Capital’s Fuse Pool enables DeFi users to borrow dollars against ICHI assets and gain…


  • ICHI has launched a Fuse Pool on Rari Capital to enable borrowing and lending
  • ICHI will provide $ICHI incentives for users to supply oneUNI Vault LP and oneUNI (more assets to come)
  • Users can now leverage their ICHI and xICHI holdings to borrow Branded Dollars and other assets

Fuse Pool


Wing DAO can now reap the benefits of their own Decentralized Monetary Authority


  • ICHI has deployed the $oneWING (New) stablecoin on V2
  • Wing to deposit 10,000 pWING to the oneWING (New) treasury to bootstrap a 75%-25% USDC-pWING minting ratio, ensuring strong pWING demand
  • ICHI to deploy a Decentralized Monetary Authority (DMA) for the Wing DAO community and provide 25,000 ICHI over three months…


Branded Dollars + Angel Vaults

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