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ADAMANT (ADM) — ICO Alert Report

ICO Alert Quick Facts

  1. Anonymous, instant messenger with secure peer-to-peer transactions
  2. 1 ADM = 0.002 ETH
  3. January 30, 2018 — March 30, 2018
  4. 98,000,000 ADM available during ICO / 200,000,000 ADM total available
  5. Free tokens for testing product available on Apple Store and Google Play
  6. Open source scalable side chain solution. Verified on Clearify

What is ADAMANT?

ADAMANT is an anonymous secure messaging platform, and its goal is to give people back their privacy, which is compromised by agencies like the NSA and media conglomerates. — Dmitriy Soloduhin, Lead Developer

Q & A with Dmitriy Soloduhin, Lead Developer

ICO Alert: How does the ADAMANT token (ADM) function within the platform and why is it needed?

ADAMANT: To make the ADAMANT network fully decentralized, we need to encourage people to support its infrastructure. ADM tokens are used as a commission fee for messaging. It is needed to compensate all maintenance costs to individuals who host their part of the infrastructure (operating nodes). Also, the initial ADM issue helps us to collect funds for development purposes, so that no company or any kind of other central authority could influence our vision.


ICO Alert: ADAMANT is unique due to the minimal barriers of entry. No installation required, just use any modern web browser. What was the vision behind this development?

ADAMANT: The web has significantly evolved from its start, and now we can do most things right in the browser without the need of having a corresponding application on our devices. Some websites can even work offline. So why do we really need such unnecessary steps as app installing, when pure web gives us all that we need.

ICO Alert: The reason why I ask this question is based on that almost half of your whitepapers are in an Asian language; was this aspect part of ADAMANT’s vision?

ADAMANT: Our whitepapers are usually translated by people who are willing to contribute in such projects. You see, because there are countries, like China, which are trying to control all communications, it is pretty obvious that many people from Asia would be interested in anonymous and secure messaging solutions. Also, such PWAs that are able to work on any device, help to overcome issues with application stores limiting apps in some areas. For example, you can not officially install BBM from the Russian App Store or Google Play markets.

ICO Alert: Two years ago, WhatsApp set the bar for end-to- end encryption. At the Real World Crypto security conference in Zurich, on 01/10/18, a group of researchers claimed, “anyone who controls WhatsApp’s servers could effortlessly insert new people into an otherwise private group, even without the permission of the administrator who ostensibly controls access to the conversation.” Will ADAMANT’s blockchain tech negate these intrusive forces?

ADAMANT: Yes, we want to make sure that no one, even us (the developers), won’t be able to intrude people’s privacy. Our system is fully transparent and open sourced. If someone will want to make a standalone network, he can easily use our source code and run a separate blockchain. The control aspect about the user’s data and what he (or she) is sharing does fully happen on the client side, and therefore can’t be influenced by the network itself. We use blockchain only as a solid distributed database — just as it was originally invented for.

ICO Alert: Please explain what your admin user on the ADAMANT Telegram chat meant by stating, “iOS Application applied to Apple’s TestFlight. There can be issues because of encryption, but that a question of time.” Can you shed some light on these kinds of potential encryption issues?

ADAMANT: New rules have been implemented recently, regarding AppStore admittance of all applications which are using encryption methods. So, potentially there can be a situation when our iOS client application won’t be allowed in some regional app stores because of their local restriction laws. And of course we won’t add any backdoors, or intentionally lower the level of operational app security if this will be needed for it to get approved.

ICO Alert: Based on your whitepaper, ADAMANT Messenger users have the ability to store and send ADM tokens. Has the ADAMANT team discussed other token compatibility? If not, please explain why.

ADAMANT: We have been thinking about using other tokens as a basis for our system, but this approach has many disadvantages. In the case of using side tokens, our network will fully depend from another blockchain system. And we will inherit all it’s problems. After some discussions and research made, it is being decided to make a separate independent system and to use our forces to make it mostly suitable for the project.

ICO Alert: Can you confirm that for two years, all new ADAMANT accounts will receive a small amount of ADM tokens to get freely acquainted with the messenger?

ADAMANT: Yes, we plan to give users free tokens to get acquainted with the system at least for two years.

ICO Alert: How far along is the project today and when can contributors expect to use the platform? What does the roadmap look like for 2018?

ADAMANT: We have already developed a working prototype, but of course it is just a prototype, so we are going to add more features to it. Even the simple things become harder when you need to make a system open and secure at the same time. As I said before — we won’t be making any trade-offs with security. Our project roadmap for 2018 is published on our website, and is being updated according with the current situation. We plan to make ADAMANT Messenger fully functional and having most features of the modern messengers this year. After that, we will concentrate on the ADAMANT Business platform. This product is made for companies who want to deploy an independent ADAMANT blockchain, functioning on their inner networks.

ICO Alert: As a non-ADAMANT question, we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

ADAMANT: As you know, there are different points of view on this subject. I believe that in the next 5 years we will use cryptocurrencies just as we use credit cards right now. The future ICOs will surely be more regulated, and therefore potentially will have more chances to replace crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter for example.

ICO Information

The main ICO will begin on January 30, 2018 and will end on March 30, 2018. There are a total of 98,000,000 ADM ADAMANT tokens (ADM) available during the main ICO, representing 49% of the total ADM supply. A hard cap of $30,000,000 is set for this period.

Token price ranges from 0.002 ETH tо 0.005 ETH for 1 ADM unit.
Please note: Accurate ADM token price for other cryptos is dynamically calculated based on the actual ETH price on the date of your purchase.

How to Participate

An investor will receive ADM tokens through an automatic system transfer to their wallet right after a payment have been received and confirmed by the processing network.

Current accepted currencies for ADAMANT include ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, LTC, XMR, ETC, ZEC, LSK. There is no cap on investment size.

Minimum investment: 2 ETH (or its equivalent in other cryptocurrencies)
Investment Bonuses:
● from 20 to 30 ETH: + 20% for total ADM gain volume
● from 30 to 50 ETH: + 30% for total ADM gain volume
● from 50 to 90 ETH: + 40% for total ADM gain volume
● more than 90 ETH: + 50% for total ADM gain volume

To legally participate in any ICO campaign a person must strictly conform with the legislation statements of their own resident country (for example — it is formally illegal for any USA or China resident to participate in any ICO campaign fundraising process with ADAMANT).

Token Information

There are a total 200,000,000 ADM tokens in existence, with 98,000,000 ADM available during main ICO.

Contributors will have their tokens distributed shortly after the end of the ICO. Visit the ADAMANT website for more information and the contribution address.

To give users the ability to freely try ADAMANT features, ICO investors are credited with a small amount of tokens during the wallet creation process:
● Total of 0.49 ADM until block number 6,300,000 (estimated at a time period of one year)— 98 free messages

The following wallets may not participate in the ADAMANT token distribution campaign:
1. All initial system wallets (ICO, investors rewards, Adoption, reserve wallets)
2. Wallets purchasing a balance of less than 10 ADM tokens

After their ICO campaign ends, the ADAMANT token (ADM) is planned to be listed for free trading on the following cryptocurrency markets: Livecoin, Yobit, Liqui, Bittrex.

All unsold tokens, previously dedicated for the ICO campaign, will be distributed among ADM owners — their wallet balances will proportionally grow by 5% monthly for an estimated period of one year after the ICO ends until the number of unsold ICO tokens reach depletion.

● Unsold ICO token distribution beginning: 04/11/2018
● Distribution period: monthly
● Growth percent: 5%
● Distribution ends with inevitable ICO token depletion.

Token Allocation

On the ADAMANT MainNet a genesis wallet for the ADAMANT team will reserve a total of 98,000,000 ADM exist in total.

Initial emission distribution:

● 75% (73,500,000 ADM) — Wallet for ICO campaign maintaining
● 4% (3,920,000 ADM) — reserve for system development and infrastructure support
● 4% (3,920,000 ADM) — ADAMANT Business Service marketing reserve
● 9% (8,820,000 ADM) — initial Investors’ rewards
● 8% (7,840,000 ADM) — Adoption wallet for Bounty Campaigns and initial user assessments

Use of ICO Proceeds

● Infrastructure support — 10%
○ Servers
○ Staff salary

● Development — 30%
○ Staff salary
○ Office space renting and maintaining
○ Technical equipment and its support
○ Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges (markets)
○ Consulting with industry experts

● External security and code auditions (reviews) — 10%

● Users involvement — 50%
○ Offline promotion campaigns and conferences participation
○ Staff salary
○ Contextual advertising
○ Advertising on crypto resources
○ Writing and publishing thematic articles and posts



Social Media

View the ADAMANT website here .

View the only comprehensive list of active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) here .


  1. ADAMANT Website, ADAMANT (2018)
  2. ADAMANT Whitepaper

3. Research Analysis by Roman Garcia




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