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ICO Alert Report: eSports.com

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TL;DR Section
-40% of tokens (ERT) are being sold to contributors
-ERT is an ERC-20 token
-240 ERT per one Ether contributed
-Tokens distributed immediately upon transaction confirmation
-Roughly 6,000,000 euros raised thus far
-ICO ends November 30, 2017 at 12pm UTC

What is eSports.com?

eSports.com is a one billion dollar industry that is expected to grow to $1.5 billion by 2020, according to research institutes Newzoo and Gardner. Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell just recently said on CNBC, and I quote, “The only way to lose in eSports is not being in the industry.”

Why? Because it’s so close to sports. In soccer, football or basketball you have two teams, that need to outsmart each other. The only difference is that your weapon of choice is not a sports shoe from Nike or Adidas, but gaming gear from Logitech or Razer. eSports is already filling the biggest stadiums in the world — the Staples Center in Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden in New York. On top of that, we are talking about viewing numbers comparable to the World Championships in soccer (49 Million people watched the League of Legends World Championships — right now the biggest game on the globe).

The reason why we’ve secured the biggest brand in the eSports world is because we want to start a revolution. We combine everything that’s great about eSports into one giant brand and platform. Through sports journalism we get our readers behind the scenes. We visit the team houses, fly with them into their training camps, and do interviews on the plane. The goal is to deliver more than just your usual tournament coverage, but instead get users up close and personal to their celebrities.

Philipp Geppert, CEO & Co-Founder


ICO Alert: How does the eSports.com token (ERT) function within the platform and why is it needed?

Philipp Geppert: ERT stands for eSports Rewards Token. Think about ERT like Bitcoin, but you can directly invest it in our offerings.

One ERT costs around 1.04 Euro, 0.93 pound sterling or 1.23 dollars. ERTs can be used for multiple options, including shopping. We will build the Amazon of eSports. You can get a gaming pc, chair or mouse with the branding of your favorite team in superb quality, all with ERT. Even book a coaching lesson at our eSports.com universities, the first to ever exist. We let gamers sit down with their favorite celebrities to practice their skills, their team play, and their movement. It’s like you could get an hour with LeBron to play basketball, so this is huge in terms of earning potentials and brand awareness. However, we are also community driven as anyone can write a guide or upload a video, and based on the number of likes eSports and the community reward him/her directly with ERT. The eSports university and this like-based community-driven approach will make us stand out from the other big players in this industry like Red Bull or ESPN.

ICO Alert: How is eSports.com different from the other digital product marketplaces or eSports related ICOs that are currently in progress? What advantages does eSports.com have?

Philipp Geppert: The answer is simple: We have a product, a real-world value, are building a community, and we are all about superb content. If you take a look in the current eSports related crypto market, these companies are about just two things: Betting and skin-trading. Betting is part of our portal in those countries where it is allowed, and it will massively improve the eSports.com experience for our users, but it’s not the main part of our brand. We will also have major announcements all about our Charity Celebrity Play where our community plays with Hollywood celebrities for a good cause. This will obviously also massively push our marketing and brand awareness.

ICO Alert: The team is promising 1% of profits go towards the conditioning of eSports to be recognized as a sport. How do you plan on working towards this goal and what are the revenue models within the project?

Philipp Geppert: It’s our goal and mission to turn digital athletes into real-world sports stars. These guys train like athletes, and they should be treated like athletes. They have fitness coaches and nutrition experts. They practice 8 hours a day, five days a week, (sometimes more) so they deserve it. That’s why we commit at least 1 percent of our profit to our overall joint goal: The recognition of eSports as sports.

For our team and founders, official recognition is a fight we would very much like to take on. Further more, we need to create a club structure for eSports, comparable to those that exist for football or tennis. Every kid should have an eSports club in their small hometown, where their parents can drop them off every Tuesday and Friday to practice League of Legends or Hearthstone. At the end of every year, we will open an application form on our website, where anyone in the world can apply for funds to help establish their official eSports clubs. 1% of our profits will be dedicated to creating these clubs — they just have to be non-profit. Grants can exist for things like renting training space, flights to tournaments or simply equipment like gaming PCs.

ICO Alert: How will the betting portion of the platform work? Will it be available in all countries or just the select ones that allow for eSports gambling legally?

Philipp Geppert: We do have a betting license and the government of Malta is currently looking into the potential of introducing cryptocurrencies into the world of betting. However, we will only launch it in those territories where it is fully legally supported.

ICO Alert: eSports.com is offering a ‘University’ of sorts so that normal gamers can learn more about the best way to win at their favorite game. Does the team have professionals lined up teaching as a part of this University, or will the teachers primarily be members of the community contributing content?

Philipp Geppert: We will have both. Once a community member rises through the ranks regarding likes on his content, we will allow him to offer a coaching lesson to the community. But first and foremost, we are currently working with major partners to bring eSports celebrities and the biggest professionals in their field into these coaching lessons. Again, if you want to become the best basketball player, you want LeBron on your side, right? We will have more line-up announcements later this year and at the beginning of 2018 once our final website is online.

ICO Alert: What experience does the team have to execute on this project?

Philipp Geppert: We operate with a highly experienced senior leadership team. Benjamin Föckersperger, my co-founder, has built and scaled multiple companies like Slipshift and jackpot.de. He is experienced in the betting market and kickstarted the whole LAN party scene in gaming in Germany long ago. He is also a League of Legends Pro, so he knows everything about eSports.

I have a background in Miami real-estate and ran a sports book company for multiple years. Our chief operations officer, Robin Lawson, runs a VIP fund of over 10 million euro per month. Our global content director, Benjamin Kratsch, is responsible for building our content units all across the globe — from Sofia to Prague and Berlin to Los Angeles. He is a well-known journalist who has scaled multiple websites to giant user bases and has worked for media brands like GQ, Red Bull and NBC Universal.

ICO Alert: How far along is the project today? What does the roadmap look like for the rest of 2017 and 2018?

Philipp Geppert: We’ve just opened up our ICO, so now is the time to become a part of our brand at www.esports.com/ico. Regarding our roadmap, we are building our final website and implementing all of the features. 2018 will be all about the eSports.com University, especially the physical one in Berlin and our huge retail shop. Amazon wasn’t build in a day, so that shop might take a few months. We also have charity campaigns planned with huge Hollywood celebrities and stars from the soccer world, and we will announce these partnerships very soon.

ICO Alert: As a non-eSports.com question we like to ask for unique predictions for the ICO and cryptocurrency space in the future. Where do you see both in the next 3–5 years?

Philipp Geppert: It will grow because it’s a fascinating alternative to a classic VC investment. It’s more work, requires more resources and very strong marketing, but it’s also a great way to build a community from scratch that is heavily invested into your brand from day one. So far, there aren’t many regulations, so that’s why we’ve put so many security features into our whitepaper at www.esports.com/ico in order to protect the contributions of our community. Crypto will continue to conquer the world, as even huge brands start to accept Bitcoin now as a form of payment. We are currently seeing this giant shift from the millennial generation — that are still the biggest spenders — to baby boomers and they are used to the internet, apps, crypto wallets. We actually provide a free wallet for every user of our platform which is a great way to open the gates to a fascinating and lucrative market.

eSports.com ICO Trailer

Pre-ICO Information
A pre-ICO was completed that offered 12,000,000 eSports tokens (ERT). The minimum contribution amount was 30,000 euros and the pre-ICO raised 5 million euros. Any unsold tokens remaining are now available during the ICO. The pre-ICO was priced at 0.78 euros, versus the ICO being priced at 1.04 euros (after all early contribution bonuses have expired).

ICO Information
The ICO began on November 1, 2017 and ends on November 30, 2017 at 12pm UTC. Bitcoin and Ether are accepted as forms of contribution and participants must verify that they are not from the United States in order to participate.

For every one Ether contributed participants will receive 240 eSports tokens. There is a hard cap of 20,000,000 euros and nearly 6,000,000 euros have been raised thus far. If the hard cap is reached it will allow for eSports.com to launch their physical University concept, as well as a CS:GO and League of Legends team.

Token Distribution Information
Tokens will be distributed to contributors as soon as payment is received and the transaction is confirmed. There are a total of 60,000,000 tokens being created with 24,000,000 available for purchase across the pre-ICO and ICO.

ERT tokens are an ERC-20 token and so an ERC-20 compatible Ethereum wallet must be used to receive the ERT tokens. For those contributing Ether, contribution should be sent from the ERC-20 wallet that will be receiving ERT tokens. For those contributing Bitcoin, contribution will be sent to a Bitcoin address that is provided and an ERC-20 Ethereum wallet address must be provided in order to receive ERT tokens. Exchange wallet addresses should never be used to submit contribution or receive tokens.

There are lockout periods on tokens for team members that vest the first, third and fifth year of employment. There are no lockout periods for board members or advisors.

The full breakdown of token allocation is as follows:

Pre-ICO and ICO: 40% (24,000,000 ERT)

Team: 20% (12,000,000 ERT)
— Lockout period exists, vesting at one year, three years and five years

Company cold storage: 20% (12,000,000)
— Company controlled tokens are used for coverage of wins in betting or giving out rewards for creating community content.

Buffer tokens: 10% (6,000,000)
— These tokens were used for bonuses to early contributors, team members and advisors

Bonus: 5% (3,000,0000)

Early investors: 5% (3,000,000)

Benjamin Focksperger, Chief eSports Officer and Co-founder
Ben has been a gamer all of his life. He studied game production at the Games Academy in Berlin. He co-founded the browser games company SlipShift before opening up an online Casino in Malta, which grew into Jackpot.de. Since then, Ben has built several companies from scratch. He will be responsible for the community portal, the content team and the overall marketing strategy.

Philipp Geppert, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder (Head of Prague Officer)
Philipp started his career writing studies and reports for the MKW GmbH in Saarbrücken, Germany. These studies focused on cross border labour, allowing him to become one of the specialists in the Economy of Culture on a European level. He worked as an independent consultant in international commercial real estate in Miami for three years. During his time in Miami, he came in touch with the gambling markets, after which he decided to move to Costa Rica. There he worked at a sports book, serving 2.5 years as the COO and five years as the CEO of the company. As a co-founder, Philipp is the betting brain in the company and will run the Prague office.

Robin Lawson, COO
Robin started his career in stock trading, establishing many profitable connections before moving into private and commercial real estate He focused on projects ranging from the UK to Abu Dhabi. During this time in real estate, Robin began his first venture into casinos, becoming one of the founding members of a VIP department, creating revenue upwards of 10 million euros per month with 7 years of continual growth. Over 10 years in European gaming has fine-tuned Robin’s skillset and allowed him to grow into an experienced, proven leader in the gaming industry.

Michael Broda, CFO
Michael started his career in investment banking. He earned an MBA in banking and finance, a master’s degree in strategic management and was licensed as a broker for the bank, including the trading of financial derivatives. In 2007 in Prague, he founded his own investment company — www.deltacapital.cz — which is still successfully running in several business areas and is also well known in the CEE startup scene. In early 2017, Michael transitioned from a corporate executive to being a member of the supervisory board. 20 years of experience with European investment has turned Michael into a top financial leader in Central Europe, making him a great CFO.

Ivan Nikolaev, Head of eSports Trading
Ivan started his own company based on sports predictions and gambling advisory. He gained experience in the business, and with his eSports enthusiasm, was invited to create an e-sports trading team from scratch for the Pokerstars sportsbook — BetStars. Since then Ivan has been invited to several sports odds and platform providers as a consultant in order to improve their eSports offering and models. At eSports.com, Ivan is Head of eSports Trading, which means he leads our team responsible for the betting odds as well as the decisions on which markets we can offer for betting.

For a full list of team members please visit the eSports.com whitepaper.

Social Media

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(2) eSports.com Whitepaper, eSports.com, (2017)



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