For developers planning to release ICO

ICO BANK is looking for developers who are going to publish and operate ICOs around the world.

With our proprietary sales method and sales strategy, the net and various advertising media, we have helped many ICO developers so far.

Various investors, mainly Asia, use ICO BANK as the main attribute of investors, and we received numerous thanks from developers who have been requested so far.

We are sure to be able to answer your need.

Regarding the publication in ICO BANK, we will do our own review including “content of project”, “scale”, “posting period”, “white paper” etc. Depending on the content of the review, there are also points that will not result in publication, please understand in that case.

In addition, the steps of the request are as follows.
① Inquiry by email
② Submit necessary documents and information
③ Meeting with Skype etc.

We will respond flexibly to situations and sudden requests according to your need.
We also support private investment.
Please enquire us, if you have any questions.

We will do our best to be of help to you (your company).
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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