Understanding RIALTO.AI Crowdsale

Dear supporters,

We would like to clarify our crowdsale structure and the logic behind it as there are some misunderstandings and incomplete information posted on several websites and social media sites.

Dates above mark a beginning of each phase at 00:00 GMT

Hard cap for crowdsale is set at the nominal value of 10 million USD.


For the case that the total amount equals $10M and the structure of supporters is as follows:

· 4 million USD raised in pre-crowdsale, avg. bonus 20%

· 3 million USD raised in priority pass, avg. bonus 10%

· 3 million USD raised in crowdsale, no bonus

Example 1: Supporter A invested 300,000 USD in pre-crowdsale with 20% bonus. She will get:

Example 2: Supporter B invests 300,000 USD during ICO without bonus. He will get:

Crowdsale supporters in total will get 75,000,000 XRL 
Team will get 25,000,000 XRL

For any individual inquiries feel free to contact us via connect@rialto.ai