More than 5000 professional photographers, illustrators and studios have become owners of the tokens in the upcoming IPStock Token Sale

Jan 29, 2018 · 2 min read is a cloud-based service for digital content creators, including illustrators, photographers and studios. allows users to manage work portfolios and upload them to stock (photo banks). Now supporting this, IPStock creating a unique blockchain ecosystem for the registration and management of rights to digital visual content for the benefit of both content creators and licensees.

Part of the IPS-tokens (IPS) already belongs to the users of cloud services. Owners will be able to use tokens on the IPStock blockchain platform to obtain services related to the purchase and sale of licenses for the use of digital content. The same time, the key functions of the service will remain free for authors.

After the completion of Token Sale, IPS tokens will be traded on the Crypto-currency exchanges and used by the creative community and millions of users around the world of the advertising, design, ecommerce, marketing and media industries. IPS token will become a reliable tool for the implementation of secure, transparent and fast transactions with exclusive and non-exclusive copyrights without intermediary commissions and with the registration of the licensing history in the blockchain.

“It is important for us from the very beginning IPS tokens to be acquired primarily by a professional community creating and using digital media content, and not just speculators who see explosive growth of the amount of digital content and the number of transactions with it,” said IPStock co-founder Yury Emelin.

Every user will be able to find the number of tokens in thair profile on

The pilot launch of the developing platform will take place in the summer of 2018. And that’s just the start!

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IPStock Blockchain. The ecosystem for visual digital content

Tokenize visual content copyrights management

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