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Hi there! As you know, a couple of weeks ago, after many months of hard work on the new system, we deployed IPStock Blockchain for our stock-users. If the advantages of using a distributed network for the content market (for more information, see Askold Romanov’s publication “A blockchain for stock images — why to bother?”), much has been said about it. Now it’s time to tell more about the interface of the new system. Therefore, we invited the art director of the project, Alexander Kvashin, a man who can tell all about the new IPStock. Give the floor.

The first thing I would like to mention is that the product team worked hard to listen to your feedback and find out how you are using IPStock. Result? The landing page received the new design in order to better convey our vision and philosophy of the platform’s development. New navigation menu, revised settings menu, more space to work with your portfolio, new search and sorting logic, and many small settings that make IPStock easier to use than ever. Now the service looks cleaner, smoother and more modern than the previous version.

We focused on finding a balanced solution between functionality and user queries. The concept of working with a catalog was reorganized, which allowed the implementation of an end-to-end filter system for all user account files. We also implemented in the system support for the IPTC metadata standard for digital images, which allows to fix, and, in the future, protect the copyrights of users. Below I will talk about everything in more detail. We hope you enjoy it.

How is IPStock organized

The system has been globally reorganized to allow the development and addition of new tools and sections.

IPStock 1.0

IPStock 1 was organized linearly since the tasks before the system was not bulky, it constantly introduced significant restrictions to the work of users and caused a negative.

IPStock 2.0

2 is focused on a growing number of tasks with regard to the growth of requirements for files, the potential addition of new types of work (other types of content), as well as the addition of tools for working with them, remaining in the same environment.

Key features

Side panel

The first step to improving overall user experience was rethinking navigation, which was completely reorganized on the left side and divided into levels.This allows the user to more efficiently use the space and toolkit of work in sections.

This is a more innovative solution that gives more space on large monitors. An understandable first level that brought together key elements such as Account, Download, Catalog, Releases, and the Support section, which describes in detail the guide to working with the system. And the second level, which can potentially be refined under the new tools of work, and now displays the logic of working with content: a catalog, filling in metadata, confirming authorship via IPSign and sending images to agencies.

Sidebar — a new way to quickly switch and access to tools for working with content.

Account and Profile

The changes also affected the key section of the Service — Account, Profile. Now here is not only the personal information of the user and the connection of stocks but also two new sections that have a very important influence on the entire work of the author.

A section called Download Settings has appeared, where you can select the source of the meta, (for example, .jpg) and add a second, native language to the usual English language. This means that the title, description, keywords, and so on. The uploaded files will also be updated in German, Chinese, Russian, French or any other language that is native to you. The native column will allow indexing of the works in the selected local language. Now it is a reserve for the future, but a reserve that will potentially increase the income of the stoker.

Section Content Rights. Here are fixed the copyright and other rights to visual content. By completing the IPStock user profile, you save time during future work: this will help you to correctly read and automatically fill in your meta, and also to translate the available IPTC data when loading images into the system.


The download was placed in a separate section received Drag & Drop functionality.

Since the algorithm collects files into work automatically, it is necessary to immediately select the type of content for the system to correctly execute the script. During the download process, the section itself can be closed, and after completion, the content remains only to be sent to the specified folder (if necessary, you can rearrange the files into work in some other way).

Catalog and Filters as a Navigation Tool

One of the biggest changes in the new interface is the introduction of a powerful new filter system. And this is something that we are truly proud of. The organization of work was changed in such a way as to assign a lot of additional parameters to the work and, as a result, to give the user a tool to create any lists with the most relevant query result.

As an example, each work in a folder is the result of filtering by a certain attribute, in this case, by the attribute of the folder. This means that the user has the opportunity to create flexible work samples according to several criteria for the required task.

The same goes for reporting on loaded and unloaded work. Now you can easily filter the work on the given statuses and get complete statistics on the efficiency of downloads on the drains.

Content Display Management

The new design allowed to make changes in the way the content is displayed. We added the ability to display a large number of works on the page due to the compact layout for each element.

If earlier the page contained no more than 50 works, which made the processing of a large number of files for photographers incredibly inconvenient, now the interface allows you to perform group actions with 500 files. Now you can show a lot of work and not overload the user’s machine.


The changes affected the way the files were managed in the directory. Many of you have asked for a more convenient way of working with hotkeys. That is why we are so happy to announce this feature.

Ctrl (Cmd) + Click — allows you to remove or add to the selected object.

Shift + Click — allows you to select objects between selected

And, of course, in the future, we plan to expand the list of auxiliary keys and their functionality.


IPSign is a unique digital signature for your image, in fact, a copyright statement on the work that is necessary for our service. The fact of the copyright statement will be recorded in the blockchain and in case of any controversial issues (plagiarism, content theft, etc.) with all the desire, it will not be possible to forge dates backdating from a technical point of view.

Explore the new interface. The best way to figure it out is to log in and start exploring. If you need a detailed tutorial, take a look at the Support section on the site, there is a detailed analysis of how to get started.

Although this global update contains many improvements and new features added to the user interface, we want to emphasize that we are constantly working to improve the appearance of IPStock, and this is not the final version. We monitor how our users interact with the interface and listen carefully to their opinion in order to make the work process more comfortable. That is why we would like to encourage you to send us your feedback and suggestions on how to make the product better. If you notice that something is not working or you feel that something can be improved, click the Support button in the lower left of the screen and share your thoughts.

We also want to say a big thank you to our users. We have been on the market for 3 years now and thanks to you.

If you are not yet our user, join us! We know for sure that IPStock will help you to conduct a convenient business on stock agencies.

Thank you for reading, we know that it was long :)

We’ll be happy to receive you a good thing

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IPStock Blockchain. The ecosystem for visual digital content

Tokenize visual content copyrights management


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Делаем загрузку контента на стоки легкой. Творите без головной боли

IPStock Blockchain. The ecosystem for visual digital content

Tokenize visual content copyrights management

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