Disruptive Japanese Blockchain Module could become serious threat to EOS and Stellar.

One of the main goals of Module Blockchain is to simplify as much as possible the process of creating, launching, and developing your own decentralized applications or services that store and transfer data on the blockchain. The platform’s Japanese creators offer their smart contract technology, the possibility of honest cryptocurrency mining, and a set of high-speed, low-cost solutions that allow users to store their data reliably and confidentially, while managing their data quickly and independently.

One of the main ways that Module Blockchain differs from its competitors, Stellar and EOS, lies in its use of other people’s mobile gadgets — smartphones, tablets, laptops — to store information. The media agencies We Are Social and Hootsuite also found in their joint research that there are currently around five billion mobile phone users, 80% of whom use smartphones. If you imagine how much data storage space goes unused on these gadgets, and add in tablets and laptops, the resulting data storage capacity could be comparable to an enormous data center the size of a city. Meanwhile, large companies and state structures are still forced to use large data warehouses and pay a pretty penny for their services.

Module Blockchain could increase the number of blockchain users around the world exponentially. Smartphones are becoming a universal tool for communication and data transfer and storage. All while getting easier to use, meaning that billions of people could potentially use their mobile phones, tablets and laptops to work on blockchain. The appearance of a platform like Module could turn into a strong shot in the arm for development in the crypto industry,

Module Blockchain also tackles the problem of environmentally unfriendly PoW (Proof-of-Work) algorithms that require specific hardware and upkeep with their proprietary Proof of Space, Time, and Transaction (PoSTT) algorithm. The platform will also offer an innovative new type of cloud-based data storage featuring client-side encryption and will have “secret sharing” capability, which is possible since sensitive information is encrypted and divided into fragmentary pieces of information that are then stored in a multitude of separate places on mobile devices.

All in all, Module Blockchain is delivering the whole list of unique opportunities, that, as far as I know, were previously absent in crypto industry. To have a closer look at this project and it features you can visit its website https://modltoken.io