UEFA Meets Blockchain

While we were all enjoying the goals in the Super Cup between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) was conducting a unique experiment in how to distribute tickets for the match. The tickets were offered for sale using a specially developed blockchain app available on iOS and Android. The purpose of the experiment was extremely clear — to make the ticket purchase process simpler and more secure. Most notably, the new system makes it possible to effectively combat the duplication of tickets and scalping. UEFA has already announced that the experiment will continue, and I believe that this practice could go global, and not only for soccer matches. Concerts, theatre premiers, exhibitions: a similar system could be used for practically any ticket sales. I would like to applaud UEFA for this bold and innovative solution. This is one of those cases when the winner is not just one of the competing teams, but the huge army of soccer fans around the world.