What is ICOBox Interproject Token Swap (IpTS) Feature

We are introducing a brand new unique feature to the ICOS platform: an Interproject Token Swap (IpTS) technology. This new service is in response to the wide enthusiasm on the part of our clients who, while working on conducting their ICOs with the help of ICOBox, believe in the project and want to support it.

The essence of IpTS is that it is a private peer-to-peer swap between ICOS token holders and the new projects. It gives ICOS token holders an even wider access to the tokens of promising new startups: ICOS platform will now be open to listing tokens of both the clients who have been selected by the vote of ICOS token holders to receive ICOBox’s tools and those who are paying for their own ICOs without resorting to the funds collected through ICOS token sale. All of these tokens will now be swappable for ICOS token.

On September 22, 2017 ICOS token holders will be able to vote on the selection of new projects to be given ICOBox’s tools, and will also be able now to swap their ICOS tokens for the tokens of already launched new ICOs right away. In the future this opportunity may be extended to external projects as well. The terms of the Interproject Token Swap are similar to the usual ICOS token exchange, in which ICOS tokens are exchanged for the tokens of new projects who conduct their own ICOs using ICOBox’s tools at an average 75% discount. However, in this arrangement ICOS tokens do not burn up but are handed over to the projects for whose tokens they are being swapped. No new ICOs are conducted in the process and no money is released from escrow.

As stated in the ICOBox White Paper, the exchange value of each ICOS token is fixed at 0.04 BTC, which means that every ICOS token can be exchanged for the relevant number of the new projects’ tokens placed on ICOS platform and worth 0.04 BTC at presale prices.

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