ICOMain.io Joins ACCESS: Ushering a New Era of Balance

ICOMain.io is honoured to announce that we are officially a member of the Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups (ACCESS), in a bid to foster new ties and opportunities in the vast community of cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses, commercial entities, regulators and more.

ACCESS, the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association, envisions Singapore as a premier global hub for businesses driven by digital currencies and blockchain technologies. The organisation believes not simply in the transformative potential of Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies, but the underlying technology — blockchain.

Finding the Balance Between Innovation and Regulation

ACCESS believes that with responsible use and proper regulatory support, digital currency applications and distributed ledgers can benefit everyone. It also aims to foster an open and clear dialogue between Singapore cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses and larger society, including regulators.

This aligns with ICOMain.io’s beliefs in the power of blockchain and its great untapped potential for it to spur innovation and solve many of the world’s current problems. In this corporate membership with ACCESS, ICOMain.io’s can increase its network reach to include members from other organizations and promote our network’s interests across multiple industries. With this, we hope to provide unprecedented opportunities and forge new alliances, as well as structure new ideas and innovation in the blockchain sphere.

ACCESS is spearheaded by a committee with decades of experience in various sectors such as blockchain technology, fintech, venture capitals, financial investments and more. ACCESS Chairman Anson Zeall is the Co-founder/CEO of CoinPip, a money transfer service leveraging on blockchain technologies, who is backed by well-rounded individuals that are set to build strong foundations in the Singapore community and propel it beyond.

ICOMain.io is excited to be part of this membership that takes us to explore new paths, and we are looking forward to join ACCESS in their journey towards the perfect balance: “the innovation and use of blockchain technologies with the protection of users and commercial entities engaging with the industry”, and usher in a new era.

About ICOMain.io:

ICOMain.io is a full-service solutions provider for all the things needed to complete a successful ICO. Our comprehensive solutions are designed for companies looking to tap into the immense potential of blockchain and launch their ICO in the most efficient manner possible. Our team comprises of seasoned experts who have a wealth of experience in advising ICOs and is complemented by our cutting-edge technology infrastructure. Our team is dedicated to understanding their clients’ needs who may come from a diverse range of industries. We are also the first sponsor firm for the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) that aims to be a world-leading, institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange.

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