How to Buy NFTs

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Jan 12 · 4 min read

It’s really a piece of cake.

We’re no longer living in 2009. The blockchain industry has never been more accessible or robust! The move to digital currency, digital payments, digital assets, and digital…everything happened in 2020.

2021 is set to be even bigger as Decentralised Finance (aka DeFi) has grown from a boastful $13 billion in December to a whopping $23 billion on January 10th.

Need to know some more about non-fungible tokens? Check out our guide.

If you’re ready to get in on the action, you only need 3 Simple Things:

A Wallet

Not a trifold, leather wallet. Not a purse. This is much more secure and doesn’t cost a cent. Just make sure you treat it with care and give it a funky password like Countrie$makech33$e8935&iloveChee$e.

In this example, we’ll show you how to download the ICONex wallet.

Make sure your password is über secure and that you download your keystore file and keep it in a safe place! Losing access to your wallet means you’ve permanently lost access (the opposite of “making it rain”).

Some Digital Currency

Converting your money over to a digital currency doesn’t have to be complicated or insecure. Most exchanges let you deposit using a debit card, with a bank transfer, or using crypto that you may already own!

Using the same example, we’ll show you how to buy ICX (ICON) to fund your new, digital wallet. You can use many exchanges, but we’ll recommend Kraken in this example.

Registering and verifying your account is simple, fast, and secure.

Funding your account is possible in many ways for Americans, Europeans, and more!

See this screenshot on the left? Tap Buy Crypto to instantly turn your Dollars into ICON.

That was it! The hardest part is over (and it wasn’t that bad). Now you just need to fund your digital wallet.

Funding Your Wallet

With your wallet rich in crypto, your possibilities are nearly endless. Investing in digital art, purchasing goods, even buying a planet will all be possible (we’ll show you how to buy a planet and play a game with your new ICX shortly).

Tap on Funding in your Kraken account and choose the withdraw option next to ICX.

This is where you’ll want to pay a lot of attention to the information you enter. Sending money to an incorrect address means that money went bye-bye. No need to be frightened; you just need to be cautious (after all, it’s money).

  • Open the ICONex extension in your web browser and select the copy address option. Your wallet address is basically your identifier for sending and receiving crypto. Always copy your address and never write it manually
  • Select the Add Address option in Kraken where you chose to withdraw ICX
  • Fill in the details, ensuring that you copied your address from the ICON extension

Now you can easily send ICON to your wallet at anytime! Your wallet will have many uses, but we’ll show you our fun example so you can start playing around with ICON and purchase your first NFT!

Head over to Project Nebula and choose to login with your ICONex account. Just select your wallet from the pop-up to login. You can view available planets and claim your very own before the launch of the Project Nebula Strategy Game in 2021.

Whatever you use your crypto for, we’re glad you’ve taken the step into this century’s best market. From the coolest digital art to the weirdest possible assets, the NFT market is a never-ending glass of top-shelf stuff and you’ve got the perfect straw to drink it with using your new ICON wallet.

ICON Forge

NFTs through the ICON blockchain.

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