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NFTs in Gaming: Power to the Player

The Joy of NFTs — Afif Kusuma


NFTs exist on a blockchain, enabling them to be used, transferred, traded, bought and sold. It gives owners some real power.

🎮 Let’s Play!

Invest your time where you invest your money. This ownership adds limitless value to gamers’ lives by incorporating earning into something you already do daily (if you play like we do).

🧩 Quite a Collection.

Imagine if there were only 400 Jade Rabbit scout rifles ever in Destiny’s exotic collection. Instead, 8.8 million players can all have one if obtained. Without scarcity and NFTs, pwning some noobs with a Jade stops at just that (though it is pretty cool).

🖖 Your Friends are Online.

$338M worth of crypto went into NFTs in 2020.
450K+ people were on NFT platforms in March, 2021.



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