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Weekly News Clipping

[MTN, 01/18] ICON, Public Blockchain Ecoystem expansion started (KOR)

[BitcoinExchangeGuide, 01/18] South Korea’s ICON Shares Blockchain Ecosystem Boosting Strategy with DApp Accelerator Program (ENG)

ICON has just announced their new accelerated strategy that will be able to expand their public blockchain ecosystem. The first enhancement they got involved with is an enterprise blockchain alliance program that is part of the global accelerator program, together with a campaign that will be used to select the various network representatives.

[Coindesk Korea, 1/18] ICON starts registration for P-Rep candidacy (KOR)

[The BCHAIN, 1/18] ICON, Node election has begun… getting spotlight (KOR)

→The public blockchain project ICON has entered into a P-Rep election to run the network together. ICON has been running main-net based on its built-in nodes, and this year external nodes will turn into public blockchain. According to the Foundation, the nodes that operate ICON Networks are divided into P-Rep and C-Rep. A P-Rep is a node representing ICON network as a whole, and a C-Rep is a node representing a community. P-Reps and C-Reps consist of 22 representatives for each and will be elected by elections.

[Bitcoin Exchange Guide, 01/18]

South Korea’s ICON Shares Blockchain Ecosystem Boosting Strategy with DApp Accelerator Program (ENG)

[Cryptonews, 01/18]

ICON Aims to Launch DEX in the First Half of 2019 (ENG)

[U.Today, 01/18]

ICON (ICX) to Launch Its Own DEX and Decentralized ID System (ENG)

[Crypto Recorder, 01/18]

ICON (ICX) Speeds Up Its Public Blockchain Ecosystem Growth! (ENG)

[Coin Rivet, 01/18]

ICON (ICX) is planning to release its own decentralised exchange (ENG)

[MENAFN, 01/19]

ICON Accelerates its Expansion of its Public Blockchain Ecosystem (ENG)

[CryptoSlate, 01/19]

Interconnecting Blockchain Project ICON Makes a Push Towards Decentralizing Its Nodes (ENG)

[APnews, 01/21]

South Korea’s ICON to Back VELIC, Which Aims to Become the JP Morgan of the Digital Currency World (ENG)

[Irish Tech News, 01/24]


Community buzz


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Community talking about ICONCENSUS

  • How to prevent P-Rep centralization
  • Discussion on P-Rep penalties


Reactions to ICONSENSUS

@helloiconworld announced the ICONSENSUS

@StevenDS did a poll! STO smart contract got most votes.

@DecryptoBL HQ in Japan sounds good

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