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Weekly News Clipping

  • [The News Asia, 02/08] Seoul appoints ‘Blockchain Governance Team’ members using ICON’s public blockchain (ENG)
    → South Korean blockchain project ICON has announced that the Seoul Metropolitan Government issued mobile letters of appointment to its Blockchain Governance Team using its public blockchain. ICONLOOP, a South Korean blockchain enterprise which provides all technical support for the ICON project, developed mobile letters of appointment for the Blockchain Governance Team. According to the official release, the mobile letter can be issued and browsed through the team member’s personal mobile phone. A team member can issue a letter of appointment with a name, member identification number and membership terms after accepting the terms and conditions. Letter of appointment issuance records are stored on the ICON public blockchain, making it impossible to fake or falsify the records. Also, authenticity of the record can be verified on the ICON Tracker, a block explorer for ICON, by searching for a specific transaction. “We expect the increase in public blockchain use-cases led by government, and this appointment letter issuance is a starting point to show a clear example of how blockchain can be used in government” said J.H. Kim, council member of the ICON Foundation and CEO of ICONLOOP. Kim added, “ICONLOOP will focus on improving development capability to provide transparent and efficient blockchain-based administration services, cooperating with Seoul Metropolitan Government.”
  • [Cryptofreaknews, 02/07] Interview with ICON’s San Francisco Launchpad Manager, Scott Smiley (ENG)
    → Get ready for an amazing interview with Scott Smiley from ICON Foundation: the leading Blockchain Developer in South Korea. With its massive Blockchain Ecosystem, it wants to connect Blockchains and build a bridge between the Cryptocurrency world and the Real World. Scott Smiley will take you through a journey on various implementations currently being developed by ICON!
  • [Dapp Life, 02/05] How ICON (ICX) is Leading Blockchain Development in South Korea (ENG)
    ICONLOOP is behind many initiatives to bring blockchain technology into everyday use in Korea. It has also started a global accelerator program to spark collaboration with overseas enterprises. ICX Stations have already been created in San Francisco and Singapore as part of this program, with plans to expand to Tokyo early this year. Korea may no longer be the hotbed of cryptocurrency trading it was during the 2017 bull run, but ICON is making great strides toward making the country a world leader in blockchain adoption. While there are many competing projects looking to connect various industries and public sectors in other countries, ICON has established itself as the only real contender to dominate blockchain development in South Korea. ICON has created an incredibly expansive foundation for building a Korean blockchain giant.

  • Discussions on reasons for the timeline of P-Rep Registration and Election Process

Something Truly Special: The ICON Community Contributes ❤

  • u/mpherron20 on the /r/helloicon subreddit goes back in time and compiles a ton of research and information on ICON from the past. The community absolutely loved it! It’s a long read so I couldn’t include the entire post, but it’s a good one! Check out the full post here!
Shout out to Markus Jun, Brian Li, and Jimmie Schrute.
source: https://redd.it/ao2qaj

The ICON community has been so supportive and helpful towards each other and to ICON Foundation. It’s amazing to see how far the community has grown together. You guys are all incredible. Thank you!

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