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Isn’t it hard to follow up on what’s new in the ICON ecosystem?

FWD: ICON.COMMUNITY makes it easy for you to catch up on everything by collecting and sharing news coverage, conversations, and topics within community channels on a weekly basis! We’ll also provide a synopsis in English for any Korean news articles that’s shared here.

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Your Weekly News Digest

[U.Today, 03/05] 5 Best Upcoming Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2019

- ICON (ICX) is a blockchain platform designed to work with several different blockchains. In other words, ICON is a cross-chain solution that provides solidity for various blockchain projects. The implementation of ICON should improve the efficiency of the project’s economy. Now a number of financial, medical and educational organizations from South Korea have begun to work closely with ICON in order to improve interaction with consumers. In addition, some other representatives of the business of this country and a number of corporations operating in the Asian market are showing interest in this project. Thanks to the listed advantages of this digital currency, the 2019 forecast for ICON will be positive.

[CalvinAyre, 03/05] Mark Thomas: Sports betting marketplace ZenSports puts bettors ‘in control’

- The sports betting marketplace is built on the ICON blockchain protocol, which Thomas claims is “faster, more efficient,” although the ZenSports CEO acknowledges that there are other blockchains available out there.

[Owlt Market, 03/07] ICON Sponsors Deblock Japan

- ICON, the largest blockchain project in Korea, has announced its sponsorship of Deblock, Inc. (Representative Director John Minkoo Kim, Deblock Japan) in Japan on March 7th. Deblock Japan will operate a Tokyo Launchpad of ICX Station, the accelerator program sponsored by ICON, with partners both inside and outside of Japan. ICON is the only blockchain project in Korea with a global accelerator program, ICX Station, with locations in Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, and Tokyo.Deblock Japan, established in June 2018, is specialized in technology-driven consultation and fundraising for Japanese companies planning to leverage the power of blockchain technology. ICON is planning to find and foster promising DApp projects in Japan through this sponsorship.

[Bankless Times, 03/07] The five essential hurdles the Blockchain industry needs to overcome: 15 tech CEOs explain

- In our latest Innovators, CEOs and Founders in Blockchain report we sat down with +15 CEOs to find out what they believed was holding the blockchain industry back. This article will focus on the next immediate hurdles, but the 25+ page report can be downloaded for free. Here’s what executives from Deloitte, Bitfury, ICON Foundation and more had to say. 1) Understanding setback 2) Education 3) Who wants to be the next success story 4) Government regulation 5) Scalability

[Bitcoin Exchange Guide, 03/09] Token Standard Launched by ICON (ICX) With Full Regulation Compliance to Tokenize Assets

- ICON has made some changes involving token specifications that apply to market participants, which makes it possible for DLT-focuses securities and tokenized physical assets to be developed. The new IRC16 token standard creates a transparent method of creation of developers, and was announced by ICON over Twitter, where they reposted the link to their Medium blog on the addition. Within the IRC16 coding, the developers at ICON has made a modular architecture that makes it possible to tokenize physical assets.

Community Buzz

  • ICON.Community welcomes newest P-Rep candidate “ICONNECT” from Nairobi. Candidate detail here
  • First P-Rep candidate ICON Sweden shares their BP experiences at EOS
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  • Community discusses their concerns of professional block producers running nodes for ICON
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  • Direct communication is expected from P-Reps to clearly define their goals and for voters to ask questions
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  • P-Rep team visits Switzerland to seek collaboration opportunities
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