Growth And Expansion: Globalized Representation Through ICONSENSUS

The Inclusivity of Iconist Democracy: A Global Frontier

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Trust And Democratic Transparency: Primary Components Of The ICONSENSUS P-Rep Campaign

The ICONSENSUS Campaign has conceived of a new order of democratic republicanism: a global network of ICONists will make the crucial decision of deciding the representatives of the entirety of the ICON Ecosystem. With the P-Rep campaign in full swing, it is incumbent to realize that the evolution of democratic equity is at hand, and its harbinger is the ICON Ecosystem. P-Rep Candidates hail from all over the planet: from London, New York, South Korea, Germany etc. Since the beginning of June, eight new P-Rep Candidates have joined the ICONSENSUS Campaign. The ICONSENSUS Campaign perpetuates the idealism of true equity and egalitarianism among the populace for numerous reasons: P-Rep transparency, communal involvement within the ICONSENSUS Campaign through blockchain technological innovation.

Within the ICONSENSUS P-Rep Campaign, a crucial component of this election is the inevitable realization that, unlike democratic elections within political institutions throughout the world, ICONSENSUS counts each vote equally, free from the shackles of corruption that plague political institutions throughout the globe. This brave new global frontier has conceived of a formula that can transform democracy into a digital ecosystem that embodies equity, transparency and trust between the incumbents running for election and the ICONists who will vote and decide what P-Reps will decentralize and perpetuate the growth of the Icon Ecosystem.

Recent Achievements Within The ICON Network: Exceeding Ethereum’s Transaction Count

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The Expansion Of An Ecosystem: A Vision Of Growth

As the ICONSENSUS P-Rep Campaign is underway, it is incumbent to realize the overall expansion of the ICON Network. On June 6th, 2019, ICON’s approximate transaction count recorded over 1.37 million transactions opposed to Ethereum’s 824,000 transactions. Through the ability to handle such amounts of transaction volume, it is evident that the ICON Network fosters developmental environments through a reliable and high-speed network. Numerous ICON Dapps have been tested in this month alone in record numbers which include, but are not limited to, Dapps such as ICON-Delta and ICX-Games. Through this ever-expanding environment fostered by the Icon Ecosystem, it is evident that numerous Dapps can be built within the ICON network without creating any delays or disruptions within the entirety of the network and the transaction challenge proves this so.

Recent Achievements Continued: Another Day, Another Partnership: A Brief Synopsis Of The Icon And Chain Partners Partnership

ICON Partners With Chain Partners: Building The Future Of Cryptocurrency Finance Together

ICON has signed a strategic partnership with Chain Partners: a blockchain fintech company whose mission is to build the future of cryptocurrency finance through the advancement of the adoption of decentralized financial services. Through this strategic partnership, ICON and decentralized applications built within the ICON Ecosystem will be supported by Chain Partners OTC service. Chain Partners is also one of the newly listed P-Rep Candidates that began their campaign on June 11th. Chain Partners headquarters are also situated in Seoul, South Korea. It is also important to note that Chain Partners is the first blockchain company builder within Korea. Chain Partners, the 30th P-Rep Candidate to be created thus far, was established by a man by the name of Charles Pyo. Charles Pyo was also officially recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek as a “Top 25 Young Entrepreneur Representing Asia.”

Conclusion: An Ever-Expanding Ecosystem Perpetuated By ICONSENSUS

The Evolution Of Democracy: The Legacy And Expansion Of ICON

ICONSENSUS is the focal component of digital democracy. ICON is the harbinger of the evolution of participatory democracy that has the potential to transform the global blockchain sphere through the equitable utilization of representative republicanism. As the P-Rep Campaign continues to march forward towards the general P-Rep Election in September, it is crucial to remember the words that highlight the uniqueness of ICON’s ecosystem: Vote, Spread and Disrupt!

For more information on the ICONSENSUS Campaign please visit one of these links!


Icon P-Rep Candidate Listing Website:

>>See the Full List of P-Rep Candidates

Disclaimer: cryptocurrency investing and trading involved serious risk, do not invest without doing your own due diligence: I am not responsible for any of your trades! All opinions are my own.


Corey Costa-ICONVIET P-Rep/ICONSENSUS Ambassador

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Hello, my name is Corey Costa! Blockchain Enthusiast, Long Live Cryptocurrency, Decentralize The World! I also have a passion for Poetry!



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