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May 15th, 2019 — P-Rep candidates released promotion videos on the official ICON YouTube channel.

It’s been more than 100 days since our initial announcement. Looking back on our ICONSENSUS Campaign journey, we can’t believe such strong teams have joined our movement as P-Rep candidate and started their election campaigns, or the warm support we’ve received from ICONists.

Today, we are excited to present a major YouTube update — a series of P-Rep Candidate teams self-made videos on our official channel. As a hub for the election campaign, serves ICONists by teaching about the upcoming staking and decentralization, as well as helping P-Rep candidates to register their profiles and submit delegate proposals in public. Each delegate proposal helps our community to learn the team’s potential, trust, and vision.

Who are they?


Why should we vote for them?

In order to help the ICONists learn about the potential P-Reps better, has collaborated with the candidates and prepared the introductory videos. The candidates have kindly agreed to film themselves and introduce their passion to become a Public Representative and grow the ICON Ecosystem — our efforts have finally come to light today on YouTube.

Learn more about our P-Rep candidates today!

>>View the intro videos on YouTube



weBloc Asia



Portal Network

Icon Nexus

Paradigm Citadel


Common Computer


Gilga Capital

As more candidates come on-board, more videos will be added to the ICONSENSUS channel (link), so keep being posted!

Be part of the ICONSENSUS

Our P-Rep candidate list is growing fast as Pre-Voting is getting closer.

Together with our newly selected ICON Ambassadors, will continue to spread our movement globally. The YouTube channel will be continuously updated as more and more candidates submit their promos. This is a great opportunity for all ICONists to meet the candidates and gain further insight prior to the actual upcoming on-chain election in September. will strive to foster a healthy discussion on the future of the ICON Ecosystem at large. We are open for proposals to enrich our community. Please feel free to reach out by joining our telegram conversation(here).



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