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100,000 ICX Referral Event

Dear ICONFi users,

ICONFi is excited to throw the first big event in 2022! Participate and get your referral rewards from the total whopping 100,000 ICX reward pool!

Recap of the event

  • Event period: 2022. 7th Mar (UTC 00:00)~ 6th April (UTC 23:59)
  • How to participate:
    1. Hype your referral code to your friends. (Make sure they enter your referral code when signing in ICONFi. It is the only chance to enter the referral code!)
    2. Ask your friends to complete the KYC. (KYC verification may take up to 72 hours.)
    3. Create the ICX wallet on ICONFi — for both you and your friends! (Scroll down to see How to make ICX wallet)
  • Rewards: 40 ICX for Referer / 20 ICX for Referee / 10 AirPods giveaways
  • When to be given the Rewards : Distribution after the event / AirPods will be sent after closing the Event.

Step-by-Step Guide for the Referral Event

  1. To invite your friends to ICONFi with your referral code, you must complete the KYC first to get your unique Referral Code.
  2. Don’t forget to create your ICX wallet on ICONFi to receive the referral rewards.
  3. Refer your friends with your referral code.
    (If you don’t know about the referral program, check out the following Referral Guide: https://iconfi.medium.com/iconfi-referral-program-is-coming-86ef45372953)
  4. Make sure your friends enter your referral code when signing in ICONFi. It is the only chance to enter the referral code — If they miss this chance, you and your friends cannot receive the referral rewards! (You can see your Referral code in [My page] tab.)

5. Ask your friends to complete the KYC. If your friends don’t know how to do the KYC, this post would help them!

(KYC Guide: https://iconfi.medium.com/iconfi-beginners-guide-registration-ebed2b23240e)

* Please note KYC verification may take up to 3 days.

Once your friends complete the KYC, the KYC rewards for both you and your friends will be deposited in your ICX wallet on ICONFi on every Tuesday, 40 ICX and 20 ICX, respectively.

It is the only chance to enter your referral code.. Make sure your firends do not miss this!

One of the riveting features of this event — there’s no limit to the number of the people you can invite. That means if you invite 100 people and they all completed the KYC, you can get 4,000 ICX! Let all your friends know they also have the same chance to earn 40 ICX for each friend they invite!

Besides, all the users who participate in this event will be registered in 10 New AirPods (3rd Generation) giveaway. Whenever you refer a friend to ICONFi and he/she completes the KYC, both you and your friend will receive one lottery ticket for the AirPods giveaway event. So the more friends you bring, the higher chances to win!

Bring as many friends as possible — and don’t forget to create the ICX wallet to receive the rewards! (Source: Troy)

ICONFi will randomly choose the 10 winners after this event, and send the AirPods to the winners one week later. If there’s winners who live in areas where parcel delivery is not available, ICONFi will send the corresponding amount ICX to the AirPods.

How to make ICX wallet

Please click on the [Staking] tab, and there is [+] button on the right. Please click on [+] and [ICX white box] to create your ICX wallet.


Have questions? Drop our support team an email at support@icon-fi.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also reach our team via Telegram.

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About ICONFi

ICONFi is a digital asset savings platform that provides simple and intuitive earn products so that anyone can easily multiply crypto assets. ICONFi aims to simplify the complicated processes often associated with crypto assets and offers a sleek, straightforward user interface which supports saving, staking and airdrop activities at the palm of your hand.

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