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Binance Smart Chain USDT and USDC — Low Transaction fee with High compound yields on ICONFi!

Dear ICONFi users,

In addition to the latest update of Binance Smart Chain based BTC and ETH savings account, ICONFi added USDT BSC and USDC BSC to the Savings products!

Now you can open the ICONFi app and check out the Flexible and Fixed accounts.

All the conditions are exactly same as the ERC20 products. Same yield rates, same lockup period, and same compound frequency — Only difference is the network you use to deposit coins on ICONFi.

And you can see the transaction fees for deposit and withdrawal have decreased significantly.

You can deposit and withdraw USDT BSC and USDC BSC with about $1 worth of transaction fee — this is what so many ICONFi users and potential ICONFi users have been waiting for. Easier access to the top notch yield rates and compound interests, whopping 6 times a day!

Just spend $1 and deposit your USDT BSC and USDC BSC on ICONFi Flexible accounts. You are getting 3.5% Compound yields (APR) for both!

And the process to use the fixed savings on USDT BSC and USDC BSC is exactly same as the ERC20 USDT and USDC fixed savings. Simply spend less on the transaction fee — and try to use ICONFi with less burden.

If you find trading difficult and want to enjoy the Compound Yields on your deposits, ICONFi recommends you to put your USDT and USDC on ICONFi Flexible/Fixed accounts. You will get up to 11%(APR) of compound yields on the Stable coins — which would be the best option in the Bear Market!


If you have any questions about the ICONFi User Survey, please drop us an email at support@icon-fi.com.

About ICONFi

ICONFi is a digital asset savings platform that provides simple and intuitive earn products so that anyone can easily multiply crypto assets. ICONFi aims to simplify the complicated processes often associated with crypto assets and offers a sleek, straightforward user interface which supports saving, staking and airdrop activities at the palm of your hand.

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