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Early Referral Event Closure Announcement

Dear ICONFi users,

It was a pleasant surprise to see the 100,000 ICX event goal was achieved in only 2 days. Thank you so much for your interest and participation!

As the structure of this event was designed to spend 60 ICX for every referral, with simple math, 1650 referrals is the maximum number the event can accept — and we hit the number this noon, in only two days from the start! Massive.

Now the ICONFi team is super excited and busy to screen the KYC requests of the event participants — Unfortunately the hands are limited, and the KYC process would take up to 3 days. The team completely understands that many event participants are waiting for the result, but this process is very important for the ICONFi services as user data and asset protection is the top priority of ICONFi.

As the event is closed, those who sign in or request KYC after March 8th UTC 3:00 are not subject to the event rewards — but they are still subject to original referral rewards. Please check out the following guide for the original referral program.

And those who fail to pass the KYC can re-try the KYC process to fully use the ICONFi services, but they are no longer subject to this event rewards as their KYC request was made after the event was closed.

Those KYC cases with unrecognizable photos, fake IDs, fake notes, expired IDs, self-referral, and many others that do not meet the requirements will fail to pass, and unfortunately the participants with the failed cases will have to wait for the next events.

After all the process is done, the rewards will be distributed sequentially, while the original referral rewards are distributed on every Tuesday. The team expected to distribute the event rewards on the eligible participants’ ICX wallet on ICONFi application. All event reward distribution including the AirPods will be completed by April 6th, 2022.

ICONFi Team is so grateful to the ICONFi users who joined the events and those who showed interest in the event. The team will keep up the good events to reward its users in the future, and it promises to come back with other fun events for the users.


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