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Get the BAND ready - Try BAND staking and Fixed savings!

Dear ICONFi users,

ICONFi is pleased to bring good news to BAND lovers and any other crypto enthusiasts. After launching the BAND Staking, ICONFi has prepared ‘Get the BAND ready - Try BAND staking and Fixed savings!’ event.

  • Please update ICONFi application first. When you open the app, update will automatically proceed. If failing to update, go to [My Page] tab and click on [Manual Update]. Please DO NOT LEAVE the screen until the update hits 100%.

Recap of the event

  • Event period: March 30th, 00:00(UTC)~ April 29th, 23:59(UTC)
  • Reward:

a. If you have never used the ICONFi Flexible or Fixed savings service on ICONFi, deposit on any Flexible account and start Fixed Earn within 3 Days from the deposit. You will earn 5 BAND.

b. Or Stake BAND on ICONFi and boost the reward — You will receive 0.5% of your total BAND staked on ICONFi at once. (limit up to Max. 5 BAND).

c. You can earn up to 10 BAND by participating in both BAND staking and Fixed savings.

  • Distribution: Within 1 week from the event closure

How to participate in the Event via Fixed Savings

  1. Sign in ICONFi and complete the KYC.

2. Deposit any crypto asset on the [Flexible] tab.

3. After depositing your crypto assets on [Flexible] accounts, apply for Fixed savings. Make sure you apply for the Fixed savings within 3 days after you deposit.

4. After the event is closed, the ICONFi team will check out the user accounts and distribute the rewards to those eligible for the event rewards.

Please note that deposits on Flexible accounts before the beginning of this event are NOT subject to the event and receiving the reward.

How to participate in the Event via BAND Staking

  1. Sign in ICONFi and complete the KYC.

2. Stake BAND on ICONFi.

3. At the moment of event closure, ICONFi will take a snapshot of the amount of Staked BAND and distribute 0.5% of the amount staked up to 5 BAND.

If you unstake BAND before the event closes, you are NOT eligible for the event reward.

If you are willing to participate in the event and get the most out of the event, you can earn up to 10 BAND by using both Fixed savings and BAND Staking.

Lastly, please be informed that KYC verification needs to be completed to withdraw any assets and participate in the event.


If you have any questions or feedback, please open a ticket at #support channel on https://discord.gg/YdWsjaW8Eh.

About ICONFi

ICONFi is a digital asset savings platform that provides simple and intuitive earn products so that anyone can easily multiply crypto assets. ICONFi aims to simplify the complicated processes often associated with crypto assets and offers a sleek, straightforward user interface which supports saving, staking and airdrop activities at the palm of your hand.

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