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ICONFi Game — Winners take it all


To give you a chance to make a fortune and change your life out of this game, we launch the ICONFi Game. The final winners who survived from the Five games will evenly get the accumulated ICX rewards! The total available prize of the ICONFi Game is about whopping 45,600 ICX!

Application Period

From the moment of announcement to November 5th 07:00 UTC

To play the ICONFi game, you must be an ICONFi user who completed KYC and has a Twitter account — you will play the game using Google Form and Twitter. ICONFi Game players must have completed KYC within the application period. (Until Nov 5th 07:00 UTC). If you fail to complete the KYC by the deadline, you will not be eligible for playing the ICONFi Game.

Check out the details process of registration and KYC

Winning Prize

For every player, ICONFi will accumulate 10 ICX — If we have 1000 players and 2 survivors, each will get 5000 ICX as the prize. So the more users play the game, the more total rewards you can get. So please bring everyone you know to the game and try to raise the rewards to the MAX!

We prepared a whopping 45,600 ICX — How much would you be able to accumulate from 45,600 ICX?

Game Play

The ICONFi Game will begin on November 8th. From Nov 8th, there will be a game everyday until Nov 12th 5 days in a row. You must survive from 5 ICONFi Games to be the final survivor.

Basically all games will require you to submit the link to your Twitter posting via Google Forms. When the game begins, there will be a twitter posting including the Game missions — and after every game is finished, the number of surviving players will be announced via Twitter.

Player Consent

Please check out the Player Consent Form and if you agree with the clauses, please apply for the ICONFi game using the following Google form link:

Submit Application for the ICONFi Game

Player Consent Form

Clause One: A player is not allowed to voluntarily quit the games.
Clause Two: A player who refuses to play will be eliminated.
Clause Three: The games may be terminated upon a majority vote.

We will expect to see you at the ICONFi game.

Thank you



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