Beautiful designs need consistency

Do you struggle with keeping your icons consistent? We hear you.

In fact, we hear a lot of people who use icons to design websites and apps talk about how it can be a challenge to keep their icons consistent. The size, the line width, style, the colors — they all have to match so that your design doesn’t end up looking like a hodge-podge of half-baked ideas.

That’s why we’re launching new ways for you to find closely related icons in the same style.

All content on Iconfinder is grouped in families with multiple packs. Each pack then has multiple icons (or illustrations). The goal with families is to group everything from the same designer into one large consistent group. (I’ll use icons in the examples below, but it will work the same way for illustrations and 3D illustrations.)

When clicking an icon from search results, you’ll now see a new row of related icons. And below those related icons there’s a little link that says “See all icons from Leto”. Clicking this takes you to the Leto family and you’ll get to see all the icons from this family.

The row of icons below are related results from the same family based on one or more tags. In this example, the tags are “laptop”, “student” and “woman”. You can see that all icons match one or more of these tags.

There are a few other ways to get to a family from an icon. If you click an icon in the new row above, you’ll get to the details page for that particular icon. On this page, you’ll find previews of a chunk of icons from this family. There’s also a little search field on the right side that lets you search inside this family only.

We hope you’ll like this update and it helps you create more consistent designs. Leave us a comment below or shoot us a mail at ✌️




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