Black Friday icons

A list of icon sets for your sales campaigns

Black Friday is just around the corner. We selected a bunch of icon packs that are great for highlighting your special offers and discounts.

Scroll down to see our high-quality Black Friday icons 👇

‘Business & Ecommerce’ by Microdot Graphic
‘Black Friday’ by Alpár-Etele Méder
‘Black Friday (Glyph)’ by Ranah Pixel Studio
‘Black Friday — Line’ by Rakhmat Setiawan
‘Sales (Black Friday) — Blue Red’ by Juicy Fish
‘Black Friday 5 Flat Style’ by sbts2018
‘Black Friday 5 Cut Line’ by sbts2018
‘Black Friday Two Tone Colors’ by kerismaker
‘E-Commerce (Flat Gradient)’ by Andi Nur Abdillah
‘Black Friday Badge’ by ZFreet CHeung

Click here to find more Black Friday icons.

By the way, we are launching Iconfinder’s Black Friday campaign on November 25th. We will be giving a big discount on annual subscriptions. Stay tuned!



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