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Good news! We’ve released a new feature that will save you time and make your workday just a little bit easier.

There’s a great chance of you working with tools like Figma, Miro, or Powerpoint. When moving an icon or illustration into one of these apps from Iconfinder you have to download the file, find it on your computer and drag it into the app.

You’ll find the new copy-paste feature below the download button.

Now, with the new Copy to clipboard feature, you can skip this step. Just click the Copy to clipboard button and paste it into your favorite app. When clicking the button, you’ll use credit like when downloading. Likewise, anything that is copied this way will show up in your download history.

There are two limitations at the moment: The Copy to clipboard is disabled for large PNGs so you don’t move too much data into the clipboard. And Firefox users will only have this feature available for SVG — we are working on an update so everyone can use this feature.

We hope you’ll like this update! Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at ✌️




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Martin LeBlanc

Founder+CEO of @iconfinder, co-organizer of the @forgecph conference and @dribbble meetups

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