Create Perfect Dashed-Line Circles in Adobe Illustrator

From time-to-time I need to create a circle with a dashed outline in my icon designs. The problem is that when I create the dashed line in Adobe Illustrator using the Stroke palette, the dashes do not work out evenly so I end up with partial dashes or overlapping dashes where the circle begins and terminates. In this short article I will show you how to calculate the dash and gap values to create perfect dashed lines every time.


Perfect Dashed-Line Circles Basics

straight dashed line

24 * 3.14 = 75.36

Circle dimensions

Calculating by Dash and Gap Size

uneven dash distribution

75.36 / 2 = 37.68

75.36 / 38 = 1.983

38 dashes

Calculating by Number of Dashes

75.36 / (24 * 2) = 75.36 / 48 = 1.57


Calculating Differing Dash and Gap Values

1.983 / 2 = 0.9915


D (diameter) * pi = C (circumference)



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