Discovering just got better

We are happy to introduce a couple of interface improvements on Iconfinder. You now have way more options for sorting and discovering designers and icon sets.

Upgrades to Designers page

With almost 2000 contributors to choose from, it might be a tough task to pick one for a custom design project. Our new sorting options on Designers page will come in handy when scouting for talent or simply seeking style inspiration. Below we present five different ways you can now sort designers on Iconfinder.

giphy (9)

“Top sellers” used to be the default setting for listing the designers on this page. It displays the contributors based on their monthly sales.

In the “Most followers” section icon designers are sorted by the amount of followers they have on Iconfinder. It’s a good section to visit if you are interested in who the community is keeping an eye on.

Previously found in the user’s dashboard, “Following” works more like a filter rather than a sorting option. It returns a list of designers that you follow, starting by your latest follows.

Iconfinder contributors vary significantly in terms of how many icons they have for sale. Choosing “Most icons” section, you will get to see the designers who have the largest collections available at the moment.

“Newest” is the place to go if you are interested in undiscovered icon designers. The designers at the very top are our brand new contributors who wouldn’t mind your love and attention.

“Browse” changed to “Icon sets”

We also made some improvements to what was previously called a “Browse” page. We believe “Icon sets” conveys the message about the content of the page better.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 15.06.22

Here you can switch between Featured, Newest and Most popular icon sets, and further sort them into “free” and “premium”. We also placed a new section here, which displays the latest icon sets created by the designers you follow.

“Icon sets” is worth keeping an eye on if you want to stay on top of the latest icon design trends or simply want to follow the work of your favorite iconists.


If you have any feedback on Iconfinder’s interface, shoot us as message. We love hearing from our users. And stay tuned on our blog for more improvements in the future.



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