Features and improvements in 2020

A handy wrap-up of launches and product improvements we made this year.

2020 has been one long year. We understand that following updates from Iconfinder might not have been a top priority for you during these months. Therefore, we’ve put together a complete list of important updates and releases that you might have missed.

A brand new search engine

Without a doubt, our most significant project this year was rewriting the core of our product — the search engine. We needed a new platform to quickly make improvements and be able to add new products (coming in 2021). Besides a set of features, we also found ways to improve response times and search results’ relevance.

Here are some of the more hidden new features that you might overlook:

  • Search for icons made by a specific designer, for example, “laura reen business
  • Search for an icon set or an icon family, for example, “scenarium
  • Search for an icon in a specific style, for example,reindeer flat
  • Make multi-word searches such as “santa hat
  • Search for special characters, such as “-, +, @

You can also:

Read about all the fantastic features of our upgraded search in more detail in this post.

Safe search

We want Iconfinder to be safe for work or to be included in a setting where kids might be around, for example, in a classroom. This summer, we launched a small yet handy tool allowing you to filter out explicit content. Whether you’re browsing for a work project or managing controls for underage users, turn on the “Safe search” toggle and enjoy a worry-free search experience.

How to turn on Safe search: In the top right corner of the search results page, click “Settings” and toggle on the “Safe search” option.

Team downloads

If you are on a subscription plan, you can invite your colleagues to share the subscription features. From your download history, it’s now possible to switch to “Team downloads.”

The download history also allows you to search and see who downloaded which icon.

Handy keyboard shortcuts

A small but convenient feature we’ve added is shortcuts to download SVG or PNG files from search results quickly.

Hover on the icon you want to download:
Press S to download it in SVG format
Press P to download it in PNG format, in the last downloaded size
Press D to download it in the last downloaded format and size

Redesigned homepage

“One of the most significant design principles is to omit the unimportant in order to emphasize the important.” ~Dieter Rams

That’s the sentiment that we shared when we embarked on a project to improve our homepage experience. Besides being outdated, the old design had too much clutter and distracted our users from the main reason they came to your platform — to search for icons.

Our new minimalistic design is more soothing to the eye and better at inviting people to make a search.

Free 3D Christmas icons

As Christmas is just around the corner, our icon elves have prepared a little treat for you. Twelve free Christmas icons in the trending 3D style are waiting for you on this page. This project marks a new focus for us — in 2021, we believe 3D graphics will play a large role in graphic design.

Free coronavirus icons

As the COVID-19 started to spread worldwide, we launched a freebie with 300+ essential icons for the virus-related prints and publications. The free bundle included icons for hand-washing instructions, hygiene requirements, social distancing rules, and similar. We were impressed by how quickly our contributing designers managed to produce icons covering these emerging themes.

You can find and download free coronavirus icons on this page.

Plumpicons — UI icons with a twist

We released our own vast and versatile icon family, which we funkily named Plumpicons. It’s a pack of 4,400+ line icons with thick stroke width and a fun character. Plumpicons work great with modern fonts such as Helvetica or Inter.

You can download a free sample of 200 Plumpicons here.

5,000,000+ icons

All credits for this milestone go to our contributing icon designers. Even though we tightened up our approval criteria and submissions are still being reviewed manually, we managed to reach the 5 million milestone in November, securing our position as the largest icon marketplace in the world.

You can read more about what this number means to you as a customer in this post.

Improved Sales Analytics for designers

To be a successful designer, one needs to continuously work on two skills — artistic craftsmanship and business acumen.

In March, we revamped the business reports for our contributing icon designers, so they can better analyze their sales statistics and act upon them. More about that can be found in this post.

In 2021 we have a long list of fresh ideas to work on while improving the existing features. As always, we are open to chat with you and would love to get feedback. Just drop a mail to support@iconfinder.com.

Thank you for a great but turbulent 2020.




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