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Some search results on Iconfinder are more spot on than the others. To help our users find the right icons faster we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our search engine accuracy. Now we have added a flagging feature that allows you to provide feedback about icon search results and help create a smarter Iconfinder.

If you notice any incorrect result after running a search on Iconfinder, look for a little grey flag in the top right corner from the icon. Clicking the flag icon lets you indicate the reason for reporting the item and gives a chance to leave a short comment.

Here are the most common reasons why you might want to flag an icon:

  • It is irrelevant for the search term you have entered (or has incorrect tags)
  • An icon is poor quality
  • An icon is offensive or hateful
  • An icon is not suitable for work
  • An icon infringes your (or another designer’s) copyright
  • There is a technical issue related to an icon

Flagging an icon takes no more than a couple of seconds and we will really appreciate if you take that action whenever you spot something wrong. Your contribution will help to accelerate our continuous work on improving the search engine.

In the upcoming months we plan to roll out more search engine upgrades that will make finding the icons you want even easier. Stay tuned!



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