Iconfinder Pro price changes and a new icon editor

Starting today Iconfinder Pro subscriptions will have new prices. The Starter plan is now $19 per month, and Unlimited plan is $49 per month. The price change comes in action together with new features available on Iconfinder.


Since its introduction in 2014, Iconfinder Pro has been used daily by thousands of designers and digital professionals all around the world. We would like to thank all Pros for choosing Iconfinder, sharing their feedback and following our constant journey towards a better icon site. It’s very rewarding to work on a service that has such an active user and contributor community.

Number of icons on Iconfinder

Iconfinder has changed a lot since the introduction of Pro plans. More than 1,500,000 new icons were added and 1,500 new icon designers have joined our marketplace. Not to mention an increase in the site performance, and multiple new features added throughout these years. Now it’s time to adjust the prices to be able to remain competitive and continue on our mission of building the world’s best icon site.

Updates to Pro plans

The Starter plan now has twice as many downloads — 50 instead of 25.

The subscribers of Unlimited plan can now download full icon sets in ZIP or IconJar format with just one click.

Starter plan:

  • Price: $19
  • Downloads: 50


  • Price: $49
  • Downloads: Unlimited
  • One-click icon set download ZIP and IconJar format

New prices apply to all existing and new Pro subscribers and will be charged from the end date of the current subscription period. If you are on annual subscription, you will be charged the new price when your current subscription year ends.

The prices for buying icons with the pay-as-you-go model are not changing. So if Pro is not for you, you have this option.

We know that price changes like this are never fun. And we work hard to provide good customer service and a part of that is listening to your feedback. One feature that has been requested again and again is the ability to modify icons easily. Well, now you can …

Introducing a brand new icon editor

We have a little something that we would like to share with you. Today we are also releasing an exciting addition to Iconfinder — a brand new icon editor. The editor allows you to alter any vector icon before you download it. If you are a Pro subscriber, you can access the editor from any icon page. If you aren’t a subscriber, you can edit all free icons and the icons you have purchased. Click on “Edit icon” button to recolor, move and delete objects or add text to an icon, and then save it as SVG or PNG.

Please note, that the editor is still in beta and we will continue improving it based on the user feedback. Let us know if you notice any bugs or have any suggestions.

Feel free to ping us if you have any questions about the price change.

Happy iconfinding (and iconediting)!

Icons used for the header image can be found here.



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