Improvements to navigation and an option to pause subscriptions

Presenting a batch of tiny new features on Iconfinder

During the past month, we released four little improvements. These new features may not be very noticeable on the site, yet they can be quite useful to many of you.

Search icons by a designer

See related icons from the same family

Find sets that you have recently downloaded from

Pause your subscription

Search icons by a designer

From now on, whenever you hover on an icon designer’s name, you will see this preview:

Using the search field in the preview box, you can conduct a search within this designer’s icons. Easy peasy.

See related icons from the same family

Often, when you search for an icon, you actually need more than just one. Preferably, all of them being in the same style. And, in many cases, we do have them!

In the past, it was quite inconvenient to navigate between the icons from the same family. We’ve made the first step in improving that experience. On the icon set’s page, you will now see a list of other sets from the same icon family.

Find sets that you have downloaded from

You may have noticed that the homepage now displays the icon sets that you have recently downloaded from. They have replaced the featured icons. You can still find featured sets under “Icon sets” menu in the top bar.

Pause your subscription

Vacation is a wonderful time to give yourself a little reboot. However, it’s not as great when you can’t temporarily pause your memberships and subscriptions. No one likes to pay for something that’s not being used.

Right on time for the vacation season in the Northern Hemisphere, we launched a “Pause subscription” feature. It gives you an option to keep your subscription on hold for 1, 2, or 3 months. During this time, you will not be charged and will not be able to download icons. You can always resume it if you need an active subscription earlier than anticipated.

Read our little guide to see how you can pause your subscription.

We’d love to hear from you

What do you think about these recent updates? Share it in the comments or email us at

If you want to help us decide on our future features, make sure to take our 4-minute survey. You will find a link to it on our homepage.

By the way, we are hiring! 🤓



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