Interview with Vincent Le Moign

Vincent is a very busy man. He is the engine behind Agiledesigners, Minicons and Fontastic. He went from freelancing to creating one of the most popular icon sets online, the Minicons. Now he’s working on several interesting tool for designers — all with the same goal; to increase productivity.


I’m now living 100% from the income generated by my vector products: Minicons and Vectorian.

business icons

Customers care more about having their design ready on time than they do about pixel perfection. So don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel.

When you spend more time than you quote, you damage your profitability, and you disrupt your schedule.


I was frustrated with the freelance work. For example, I would work for two weeks on a design, deliver it, then six months after I look at it. It had become a hideous monster.




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