Introducing Icon families

Now you can buy a group of icon sets all at once

When Iconfinder was launched in 2009, we were offering just two ways of purchasing icons: you could either buy single icons or icon sets. Fast forward five years to 2014, we introduced a much-needed subscription product: the Iconfinder Pro. Since then, the two Pro plans have been great money-savers for those who need icons on a regular basis.

Observing the icon market over the recent years brought us new insights on how icon designers create their artwork and how the customers buy it. We noticed that many designers release extensive icon collections made in one distinctive style, rather than producing icons by sets. Having a vast selection of icons made in the same style is also valuable for the users, who want to be covered in all instances where they will need an icon.

Icon families as a stand-alone product

Previously we displayed this kind of icon set groups in separate sections on contributor’s profile pages. However, users who wanted to get all the icons from that group would have to purchase them set-by-set.

But those times are over. From now on we are happy to introduce “Icon families” — a product that allows you to buy all sets in the same style/theme group for a lower* price and in just one single payment.

Icojam is offering a nice launch discount for their most popular Icon families

You can find Icon families made by any given designer by clicking the “Icon family” tab on their profile. There you can sort the families by “featured”, “last updated” or alphabetically. You can also open each family to read more info about it and share the link with your team.

When you purchase an icon family, you will be able to get all the icons by downloading them in sets.

Icon families vs. Collections

You might have noticed that designer’s profiles have one more tab called “Collections”. How are collections different from icon families? Well, just like users can gather icons or sets into collections so can contributors. In the “Collections” tab you will find designer’s favorite icons and other bundles collected for different occasions.

*We let designers decide on the pricing on their families, but the icon family cannot be more expensive than the prices of the icon sets combined. Most designers choose to give a nice discount when they set the price of an icon family.



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